We recommend using a laptop or tablet to access. We have experienced mixed results when using phones. 

WiFi is available at SIC’s Harrisburg and Carmi locations.

HARRISBURG: The highlighted areas on the north parking lot (A, B, and C buildings) will be able to connect to SIC's WiFi (SICopen).

CARMI: The front row closest to the building (normally reserved for staff) will provide the best WiFi connection. Located at 1700 College Ave.

Time: 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. These days and times  are subject to change. 


  • Only automobiles with the current SIC parking sticker will be allowed to ensure service to currently enrolled students. If you do not have an SIC parking sticker and are a current student, contact Dr. Chad Flannery at for verification and processing. 
  • You must stay in your auto. No loitering in the parking lot. 
  • The college reserves the right to limit the total number of vehicles due to capacity.  
  • Try and leave a space between autos as much as possible and practice strong social distancing
  • Main Campus Map: (yellow shaded parking area outside A,B,C buildings provides the best signal and coverage). 

Wifi Map