Fox Fire Trap Shooter Signs with SIC

January 17, 2020

Hamilton County High School in McLeansboro hosted Southeastern Illinois College’s head trapshooting coach for an athletic signing held in their Library Resource Center Jan. 17. Kegan Burt, a member of the successful Fox Fire Trapshooting team, signed a letter of intent and commitment to attend SIC this fall. 

Burt will compete with the SIC Clay Breakers as they qualify for the Illinois State Trapshooting Association statewide event, as well as the Grand American World Championships throughout the year leading into summer 2021. He plans to study in the upcoming Outfitter Wildlife Management program to hone his outdoorsman skills and knowledge of wildlife while eventually wishing to seek employment in an outdoor field, such as being a park ranger, after graduation.

“Kegan is a great shooter who is already shooting a 94% average. I intend to train him to shoot better under pressure and fully expect to see a 100% score in tournament competition,” said SIC Head Coach Jordan Hammersley. “Kegan mentioned that he is more comfortable being out in the woods than around crowds or drawing any attention to himself, which isn’t very different from myself at that age. I believe college life at SIC will be great for him, as it was myself.  Also, the wildlife management courses will obviously suit him well as an avid outdoorsman.” 

Burt will receive a scholarship, paid tournament fees, shotgun shells, and association memberships while competing for the Clay Breakers. 

For more information about the SIC Clay Breakers trapshooting team or the upcoming Outfitter Wildlife Management program, contact Hammersley at or (618) 252-5400, ext. 2328, or visit