Be Thankful this Thanksgiving

November 21, 2017

Ah yes, here we are, the month of Turkey.  I don’t know if anyone feels the way I do when November rolls around, but I start to feel…nostalgic.  Almost like the older I get the less I can appreciate Thanksgiving?  It’s hard to describe.  However, it should be the complete opposite.  The older I get the more things I have to be grateful and thankful for.  But, when I sat down to write this post, everything I feel the slightest bit thankful for left my mind, and what was left felt too silly to be thankful for.  So I thought, ‘I’ll make a list of things EVERYONE can be thankful for.’  So here it is—25 Things to be Thankful for:

  1. Your favorite TV show. It’s impossible for me to stop binging Brooklyn Nine Nine, Friends, and The Flash.
  2. The moment you walk through the door and your dog runs to you.  The pitter patter of their nails on the floor.
  3. Your favorite meal being served to you.   Thank you, Panera Bread.
  4. Your co-workers.  Who else are you going to befriend to pass the time?
  5. Your health.  Good or bad, you’re still here.
  6. Your bed.  No explanation needed.
  7. The feeling of accomplishment.  Pure satisfaction.
  8.  CHOCOLATE.  I know I’m not the only one out there…
  9.  Your family. Mom, Dad, little brother, grandma, mama and papa, the list goes on and on.
  10. Your favorite pair of jeans. A much understated confidence boost.
  11. But also those really cozy sweatpants you’ve had since high school.  We all have them.
  12. Friday nights with friends.  A night out to just let it all out, whether it be laughter or tears.
  13. A perfect night’s sleep.  You know the rare feeling.
  14. Concerts.  Your FAVORITE band playing their hearts out. 
  15. Southern Illinois sunsets that everyone posts on Snapchat that you pretend to hate but know it’s beautiful.  I’m guilty.
  16. Friendsgiving.  Everyone’s home and happy and you’re all stuffing your faces like old times.
  17.  A world of opportunity.  It’s out there, go get it.
  18. Those strawberry candies that show up at grandma’s house.  I’m not sure where to buy them or what they’re called but I love them.
  19. Love.  Be thankful you can be in love.
  20. Black Friday. SALES!
  21. And cyber Monday. Sales I don’t have to leave the house for!!
  22. That song you listen to on repeat that NEVER gets old.  Whether it be Queen, Prince, Jonas Brothers, or Miley Cyrus, we can all appreciate this.
  23.  Alone time.  So very underrated. 
  24. Your other half.  Romantic or not, they’re just your person.
  25.  Life.  You’re alive and you’re you.  You’ll always be enough.

Written by Callie Smith, student blogger