Big 20 Bow Fishing Event July 29-30 to Benefit SIC Archery Team

July 11, 2017

--Tournament meeting and start will be conducted in Elizabethtown, Illinois

Bow fishing teams will leave Elizabethtown, Illinois at 7 p.m. on Saturday, July 29, and return the next morning at 7 to weigh their catch, hoping to collect cash prizes and the “big fish” money pot. 

The Southeastern Illinois College Foundation is sponsoring an all-night bow fishing tournament to raise awareness of the troublesome invasive fish population in the Midwest and to generate money for the college’s national championship archery team. The fund-raiser is a trailered tournament, allowing fishermen their choice of fishing holes during the twelve-hour period. 

One-half of the entry fees will be shared equally between the Foundation and the archery team, while the remaining half will be paid out in cash prizes to the top teams bringing in the heaviest catches. Each team is allowed to weigh 20 fish.

Another cash payout will be for the single fish weighing the most at the close of the tournament.  Participants have the option of paying an extra $25 per boat for a chance to take home bragging rights and 100 percent of the special pot for catching the “Big Fish”.  

The base entry fee for the tournament is $150 per boat and covers fish disposal.

A number of door prizes will be awarded at the pre-tournament meeting, and rules, regulations, and safety precautions will be addressed.  

The mandatory pre-tournament meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. at the boat ramp in Elizabethtown, Illinois. Weigh-in will be conducted the following morning at the same location.

For information and entry forms, call Archie Blair at 618-841-7281, or visit