2014 Graduates

June 2, 2014

2014 Southeastern Illinois College Graduates


Jennifer A. Applegate (Practical Nursing Certificate) and Katherine Alveria Dale Applegate (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Danielle C. D. Mosley (Early Childhood Education Degree)


Boiling Springs, S.C.

Tonya Jo Lowery* (Biofuels Technology and Sustainability Certificate)



Byron Wayne Suits* (Associates in Arts and Science Degrees)



Terril Gene Kaufmann* (Fire Science Degree)



Brandi Breanna Dawn Ballard (Associate in Science Degree), Dalton Andrew Bartley* (Associate in Science Degree), Crystal Louise Blazier (Associate in Arts and Science Degrees), Tayler Lynn Browning (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jason Wayne Cross* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Chelsey Lynn Devoy* (Associate in Science Degree), Jeanne Marie Hamblin (Associate Degree Nursing), Alexandria Faith Hunsinger (Associate  Degree Nursing), Emily A. Madden (Practical Nursing Certificate), Patrick Alan McKenzie* (Welding Technology Degree, Welding Technology Certificate, and Welding Technology - Level 2 Certificate), Kelsey Dawn Pearce (Practical Nursing Certificate), Heather Paige Preston (Associate  Degree Nursing), Jordan Leigh Scott (Associate In Arts Degree), Pamela Susanne Vaughan* (Carpentry & Building Trades Certificate),Juanita Isabel Walle (Associate In Arts Degree), Megan Katarina Witherspoon (Cosmetology Certificate), Tabetha Sue Wooten* (Associate In Arts Degree)


Carrier Mills

Jordan Elijah Aud* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees, and Information Technology Degree), Joshua Harrison Brandon* (Associate In Science Degree), Ryan Lee Brasher (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jeremiah Russell Brown (Associate In Arts Degree), Bobbi Jo Carrigan (Associate In Arts Degree), Thomas Levi Crider (Associate In Arts Degree), Kayla Jenniene Crowder* (Associate In Science Degree), Michlynn Gayle Enz (Nail Technology Certificate), Erica Joan Fessenmeyer (Associate In Science Degree),  Kellie Marie Headrick* (Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree), Jaime Marie Hollaway (Cosmetology Certificate), Jessica Nichole Jaegers (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jana Lynn Lenora Mitchell (Practical Nursing Certificate), Billie Jean Rhine (Associate Degree Nursing), and Cole Wesley Ward (Welding Technology Certificate and Welding Technology - Level 2 Certificate)



Madeline Kay Collins* (Esthetics Certificate) and Jason Michaelis Jackson (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Cave In Rock

Morgan Rae Cinkovich* (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Donna Marie Botelho* (Esthetics Certificate)



Lee Ellen Keller* (Early Childhood Education Degree)



Kaitlin BrieAnn Bailey (Practical Nursing Certificate), Michael Franklin Bean* (Welding Technology Certificate, Welding Technology Degree, and Welding Technology - Level 2 Certificate), Lauren Olivia Chaffin (Associate  Degree Nursing Degree), Benjamin Drew Clore* (Associate In Science Degree), Lisa A. Cox* (Graphic Design Degree), Elizabeth Scott Cullers (Practical Nursing Certificate), Molly Jo Davis (Associate Degree Nursing), Sarah Christine Duckworth (Associate In Science Degree), Jarrett Alexander Edwards* (Associate In Arts Degree and Associate In Science Degree), Preston John Clark Garris* (Carpentry & Building Trades Certificate and Carpentry & Building Trades Level II Certificate), Korella Brianne Gore* (Associate In Science Degree), Laura Elizabeth Grace (Associate In Arts Degree and Associate In Science Degree), Carrie Ann Hobbs (Hybrid Online A.A.S. in Nursing Degree), Ellen Kirstine Holding (Associate In Arts Degree), Kaleb Andrew Irwin* (Associate In Arts Degree), Rayna Elizabeth Johnson* (Nail Technology Certificate), Andrew Ian Julian (Information Technology Degree), Taylor Hope Keef (Nail Technology Certificate), Andrea Brooke King* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Nicolette Morrison (Practical Nursing Certificate), James Lane O'Brien (Information Technology Degree), Arielle Breanne Parks* (Esthetics Certificate), Jennifer Louise Paro* (Associate In Science Degree), Benjamin Elliott Partridge* (Associate In Arts Degree), Alyssa Lee Payne* (Associate In Arts and Science Degree), Andrew Truman Pena (Criminal Justice Degree), Kimberly Dawn Rheude (Associate Degree Nursing Degree), Cindy Marie Robinson (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate), Sara Marie Russell* (Associate In Arts Degree), Tyler Wade Scrivner (Diesel Technology-Heavy Equipment Degree), Gary Foster Siebert (Carpentry & Building Trades Certificate), Jaime Nicole Smith* (Associate In Arts Degree and Associate In Science Degree), Dakota Blake Street* (Associate In Science Degree), Joseph Lucas Weir* (Associate In Science Degree), Jakob Dwight Whitlock (Associate In Science Degree), and Christine Elizabeth Williams (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Braden Jameson Cook* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees) and Natosha Jo Palmer (Associate In Arts Degree)



Sarah Renea Healy* (Associate In Science Degree) and Daniel Patrick Phillips (Associate In Arts Degree)



MaKenzie Elizabeth Bradley (Practical Nursing Certificate), Alex D. Casteel (Personal Trainer Short    Certificate), Thelma Kaye Deneen (Practical Nursing Certificate), Rebecca Kaye Farler* (Medical Coding & Billing  Certificate), Sean Patrick Flanigan* (Computer Aided Design and Drafting Certificate), Cory Glenn Siler (Associate In Science Degree), and Nathan Wesley Smith* (Associate In Science Degree)



Tanya Marie Harvey* (Nail Technology Certificate)


Ft. Worth, Texas

Bryan C. Quinn* (Biofuels Technology & Sustainability Certificate)



Melissa Nicole Anderson (Practical Nursing Certificate), Allisha Nicole Banks (Cosmetology Certificate), Cody James Beers (Information Technology Degree), Travis Michael Bond* (Associate In Arts Degree), Kelsey Nichole Brown (Cosmetology Certificate), Thomas J. Finley (Carpentry & Building Trades Certificate), Emily Ann Gibson (Associate In Arts Degree), Jacob Taylor Higgins (Associate In Arts Degree), Wendy Fay Powell (Practical Nursing Certificate), Catherine Elizabeth Sanders* (Cosmetology Certificate), Jenna Marie Schwartz (Medical Transcription Certificate), Amber Leanne Stevens (Associate In Science Degree), Skai Merced Tso* (Associate In Arts Degree), Patricia Isabel Wiseman* (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate, Medical Office Assistant Degree, and Medical Transcription Certificate)



Timothy Dalton Broadway* (Diesel Technology-Heavy Equipment Degree), Alex James Cooley (Practical Nursing Certificate), Deidre Jo Davis* (Associate In Science Degree), Ashlyn Shay Haner* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Audrey Leigh Harris* (Cosmetology Certificate), Nathaniel Austin Shewmaker (Massage Therapy Certificate), Breeanna Jean Steward (Cosmetology Certificate), Stephanie Walker (Cosmetology Certificate), and Ashley E. Winders (Hybrid Online A.A.S. in Nursing Degree)



Micaela Lee Bray* (Associate In Arts Degree)



Dustin Reece Allen* (Game Preserve Management Degree, Shooting Complex Management Degree), Monica Nicole Bartimus (Accounting Certificate, Business Management Certificate, and Business Management Degree), Shawn Michael Beere (Associate In Science Degree), Anna Elizabeth Best* (Associate In Science Degree), Kyle Benjamin Brasher* (Information Technology Degree), Ferryn Dawn Bratcher (Nail Technology Certificate), Sara Jo Bryant (Practical Nursing Certificate), Lisa Ann Buchanan (Associate  Degree Nursing Degree), Larra Marie Bundren* (Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree), Maegan Noelle Bundren (Associate In Arts Degree), Jeffrey Kyle Butler (Associate In Arts Degree), Natassia Terryn Calvert (Associate In Arts Degree), Racheal Nicole Cantrell* (Associate  Degree Nursing), Samantha Ali Catalano (Nail Technology Certificate), Stormee Renee Chamberlain* (Cosmetology Certificate), Amber Mariah Crumbie (Associate In Arts Degree), Amy Lea Daugherty (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Jared Thomas Eugene DeNeal (Associate In Arts Degree), Kendra Aleece DePriest* (Associate In Arts Degree), Andrea Lynn Dillon (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jessica Sue Dunn (Associate Degree Nursing and Associate In Science Degree), Brandon Cole Edwards (Associate  Degree Nursing), Anne Callis Ellis (Practical Nursing Certificate), Ashley Brooke Evans (Veterinary Technology Degree), Roberto Luis Ferrera* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Joshua Paul Fisk (Diesel Technology Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Certificate), Brandi Sue-Etta Funburg (Associate  Degree Nursing), Heather Nicole Gatton (Associate  Degree Nursing, Basic Vehicle Repair Technician Certificate, Diesel Technology Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Certificate, and Diesel Technology-Medium/ Heavy Duty Truck Degree), Shauna Jo Gholson* (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate), Kimberly Ann Gibbs (Cosmetology Certificate), Samuel Lucas Glenn* (Associate In Science Degree), Lindsay Taylor Wasson* (Associate In Science Degree), Jessica Onita Green (Practical Nursing Certificate), Ariana Marie Hall (Massage Therapy Certificate), Robert Nicholas Hamp* (Associate In Arts Degree), Laura Katherine Hanrahan* (Associate In Arts Degree), Aaron Matthew Head (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Justin Deneen Hicks* (Electrical Construction Technology Degree), Ryan Lee Holladay* (Diesel Technology Medium Heavy Duty Truck Certificate), Nicole Lynn Houser (Associate In Science Degree), Makenzie Nicole Hungate* (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate, Medical Office Assistant Degree, and Medical Transcription Certificate), Albert Lee Ingram III (Associate In Arts Degree), Eric Nicholas Jackson* (Associate In Arts Degree), Timothy Lee Jeffries* (Associate In Science Degree), Jeffrey A. Johnson (Massage Therapy Certificate), Tierra Shea Jones (Cosmetology Certificate), Haylee DeAnn Josleyn (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jordan Michelle Joyner (Practical Nursing Certificate), Kasey Elizabeth King (Associate  Degree Nursing Degree), Michael Eric Kingston (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Stacy Nichole Knight* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Victoria Rae Korschgen* (Cosmetology Certificate), Holly Hetherington Kotner (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Buffy Leann Lane (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate), Melody Aurora Long* (Cosmetology Certificate), Victoria Rose Mandrell* (Associate In Science Degree), Pamela J. Marcum* (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate), Lana Rae Marvel (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate), Abigail Lynne Masters (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Christopher Linn Mathis (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jennifer Jo McConnell* (Medical Coding & Billing Certificate, Medical Office Assistant Degree, and Medical Transcription Certificate), Elijah Christian McCormick* (Associate In Science Degree), Ella Corrine McDaniel* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Makenzie Leigh McDowell* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Puja Mehta* (Associate In Science Degree), Jennifer Rena Milligan (Business Management Certificate), Matthew Lewis Milligan (Practical Nursing Certificate), Tabitha M. Neely (Practical Nursing Certificate), Stevii Rene' Neuman (Cosmetology Certificate), Lori A. Nolen (Cosmetology Certificate), Patrick O'Connor* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Kelsie Rachele Odom (Associate In Science Degree), Zachary Dwain Parish (Associate In Arts Degree), Mary Ann Parkinson* (Cosmetology Certificate), Tonyi Lynn Patton (Criminal Justice Degree and Law Enforcement Certificate), Michael R. Phipps (Surgical Technology Certificate),Stephanie Ray Prather (Associate Degree Nursing), Danielle Marie Price (Practical Nursing Certificate), Haley Denee Proctor (Practical Nursing Certificate), Hannah E. Rodgers (Associate In Arts Degree), Andrea Jayne Rogers (Associate In Arts Degree), Sarah Nicole Schmitt* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Charlotte Kathryn Shane (Associate In Science Degree), Nakaila Brea Sheppard (Associate In Arts Degree), Kelly Joseph Shimp (Associate In Science Degree), Jordan Brooke Shotton (Associate In Science Degree), Jeffrey David Siler (Business Management Certificate), Teyonna Lashae Simmons (Associate In Arts Degree), Ashleigh Danielle Slone (Practical Nursing Certificate), Kelsey Ryan Stephens (Nail Technology Certificate), Emily Nichole Suh (Associate In Arts Degree), John Zachary Suh* (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Arial Murphy Suits* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Amanda Marie Toms (Associate In Arts and Science Degrees), Alisha Nicole Turcott (Practical Nursing Certificate), James Garrett Turner* (Accounting Certificate and Business Management Degree), Velma Marie Walton (Practical Nursing Certificate), Zachary Aaron Webster* (Associate In Science Degree), Amy K. Wells* (Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree), Jeremiah Oliver Wells (Associate In Arts Degree), Kirstin Suzanne Nichols (Business Management Degree), Robie Marie Williams (Associate  Degree Nursing), Whitney Ann Wilson (Occupational Therapy Assistant Degree), Darcie Erin Wiman* (Associate In Engineering Science Degree, Associate In Science Degree, and Computer Aided Design and Drafting Certificate), Jacob Wayne Wiman (Associate In Arts Degree), Dylan Thomas Winters* (Associate In Arts Degree), Tera Lea Winters (Associate Degree Nursing), McKayla Addison Wren* (Associate In Arts Degree), and Kristopher Alan Wrentmore (Criminal Justice Degree)



Tracy Bell Wasson (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Johnson City

John Robert Cummins* (Game Preservation Management and Shooting Complex Management Degrees)



Tiffany Krystal Ownbey* (Esthetics Certificate), Elaina Ariel Shoulders* (Medical Coding and Billing Certificate), Sharon Leigh Stacey (Associate in Arts Degree), Haylee Dawn Zumwalt (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Kingsville, Texas

Riann Nel* (Game Preservation Management and Shooting Complex Management Degrees)



Colleen Kelly McLaughlin-Moore* (Early Childhood Education Degree, Early Childhood Education—Level 2 Certificate, and Infant Toddler Credential—Level 2 Certificate)



Perry Dale Pound (Associate Degree Nursing), Nicole Ann Williams (Nail Technology Certificate)



Kasi Jo French* (Cosmetology Certificate), Heather Renee Gunther (Practical Nursing Certificate), Joseph Franklin Hutchinson* (Cosmetology Certificate), Brittany Michelle Webb (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Montgomery, La.

Austin Ray LeBaron* (Game Preservation Management and Shooting Complex Management Degrees)


Morganfield, Ky.

Ryan Andrew Thomas* (Diesel Technology Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Certificate), Lanna Jill Walters* (Associate in Science Degree)



Kayla Denise Trail (Associate in Science Degree)


New Burnside

Hannah Daniele Brown (Associate Degree Nursing), Ashlyn Jeanann Zaranti (Practical Nursing Certificate)


New Haven

Jennifer Autumn Simpson (Practical Nursing Certificate)


Norris City

Morgan Nickelle Barton* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Tori Deona Bradley (Associate in Science Degree), Emily Rose Brinkley (Practical Nursing Certificate), Jessica Lynn Cade (Associates in Arts and Science Degrees), Emily Michelle Carter* (Associate in Science Degree), Zachariah Lee Glad (Associate in Science Degree and Computer Information Systems Degree), Matthew D. Kerns* (Welding Technology Certificate, Welding Technology Degree, and Welding Technology—Level 2 Certificate), C. Sharron Orrick (Cosmetology Certificate), Margaret Mae Phillips (Massage Therapy Certificate), Hannah Elizabeth Stover (Associate in Arts Degree), Nata Idona Maria Taborn (Esthetics Certificate), Cara Celine Champion Wendt* (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Angela Sue Woods (Early Childhood Education Certificate)



Judy Lynn Robinson* (Practical Nursing Certificate), Devin Rachelle Walters (Practical Nursing Certificate), Nicole Christine York* (Associates in Arts and Science Degrees)



Andrew Sean O’Neal* (Associate in Science and Computer Aided Design and Drafting Certificate), Jamii L. Pyle* (Cosmetology Certificate)



William Zachary DeVillez (Associates in Arts and Science Degrees), Jewel Frances Massey (Medical Transcription Certificate), Benjamin Aaron McGuire* (Associate in Arts Degree), Kasey Jo Oglesby (Massage Therapy Certificate), Jessica Michelle Skaggs (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Derek Wayne Catiller (Associate in Arts Degree), Cody Don Downen* (Diesel Technology—Heavy Equipment Degree), Elizabeth Louise Duffy (Associate in Science Degree), Matthew F. Duffy (Associate in Arts and Science Degree), James Austin Koester (Practical Nursing Certificate), Hanna Kay Rinehart (Associate in Science Degree)



Emilee Jean Atkinson (Associate in Science Degree), Rebecca Renea Billie Barnard (Associate Degree Nursing), Briana Gabriell Lewis* (Corrections Certificate, Criminal Justice Degree, and Law Enforcement Certificate), Michelle Nicole Rose* (Massage Therapy Certificate), Coty Ray Wece (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Sean Michael Adams* (Associate in Arts Degree), John William Daily (Associate in Arts Degree), Jessica Rae Hewitt (Associate Degree Nursing), Tameeka Lynn Marvin (Practical Nursing Certificate), Dustyn Bucannon Moore (Associate in Arts Degree), William G. Naas (Welding Technology Degree), Charles Nathaniel Oldham (Associate in Science Degree), John Drake Patton* (Associate in Science Degree), Logan Scott Vinyard* (Diesel Technology—Heavy Equipment Degree), Logen Joy Walters (Practical Nursing Certificate)



Sarah Lynn Evitts (Associate Degree Nursing)



Jacob Michael Blackman (Associate in Engineering Science Degree, Associate in Science, and Computer Aided Design and Drafting Certificate), Hannah Grace Dudley (Associates in Arts and Science Degrees), Hayley Jane Felty* (Associate in Science Degree), Matthew Patrick Conner Lechner (Associate in Science Degree), Dylan Christian Sellers* (Associate in Arts Degree)



Jenny Lynn Corkill* (Advanced Early Childhood Education Certificate, Early Childhood Education Degree, Early Childhood Education—Level 2 Certificate, and Infant Toddler Credential—Level 2 Certificate)


Tunnel Hill

Sabrina Rochelle Wilson (Associate in Arts Degree)



Brandi Lynn Goins (Early Childhood Education—Level 2 Certificate)



Barbara Alice Jamison* (Advanced Early Childhood Education Certificate)



Ethan Von List (Diesel Technology Medium/Heavy Duty Truck Certificate)



* Denotes honor student.

** Denotes honor student and member of Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society.