Elastec/American Marine finds successful training through WISBDC

May 20, 2014

Elastec/American Marine has grown by leaps and bounds since the company began in January 1990.  They have expanded the business a number of times and have won awards for their innovative ideas.  Throughout the course of this time, the Workforce and Illinois Small Business Development Center (WISBDC) at Southeastern Illinois College has assisted the company, most recently with training opportunities. 

Todd Tracy, a small business counselor for the WISBDC, as well as a small business owner himself, has worked with Elastec/American Marine on many occasions. In October, Donnie Wilson, Elastec/American Marine CEO, contacted the WISBDC to work on a plan to help executive personnel deal with issues brought on by the rapid expansion of the company.  As a small business counselor, Todd has helped many companies overcome productivity, leadership, and financial issues they meet on a day-to-day basis. After Todd met with individuals at Elastec/American Marine, it was decided that formal leadership training was needed. 

The WISBDC conducted a Leadership Skills for Supervisors training last November to work on various leadership fundamentals, such as communication techniques and developing personal leadership strengths. The training was greatly received by the individuals participating and in March, our office was contacted by Elastec/American Marine regarding another training session concentrating on team building and managing conflict. The training, held on April 10, was again a success, and additional training sessions are planned.

The WISBDC has much to offer small businesses that are already established, as well as individuals wanting to start a new business.  The organization provides help for a variety of needs, whether it is financial, human resource issues, quality assurance, social media or computer-related topics, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or QuickBooks.

The Workforce & Illinois Small Business Development Center is designed to assist owners and managers of small businesses or anyone wanting to start a business. Many of the services of the Center are available at no charge. Call (618) 252-5001 to learn about upcoming events and training opportunities.


Written by Debbie Hadfield, Training Coordinator at the WISBDC