Marcum Claims SIC "Biggest Loser" Contest Title

April 24, 2013

Southeastern Illinois College custodian Jeff Marcum of Harrisburg was looking for that little extra push to get in shape this spring – and he got that and more when he signed up for, and eventually won, the college’s Spring 2013 “Biggest Loser” contest.

“I was a little disenchanted about the shape I was in, and looking for some inspiration to lose some weight,” Marcum said about his decision to first enter the contest.

Employees began the process with an initial weigh-in on February 13, and closed with final measurements on April 3.

Marcum finished as the top percentage weight loser, dropping 28 pounds, or 8.81 percent of his initial weigh-in. He said he continued to drop after the contest ended as well.

Marcum said he accomplished his journey in large part due to a cut in carbs, first with the Atkins induction diet, then moving on to the South Beach diet, which he called “a little bit more friendly.”

“I feel much better about myself now,” Marcum said. “I can tell that I’m not getting winded, and that I have more energy.”

In addition, Marcum was able to split a pot of $300 that was raised via contest entry fees, with half going as well to the American Heart Association’s Heartwalk Fund.

The contest was conceived by the SIC Wellness committee as a way to encourage faculty and staff members to continuously maintain and improve their health. The committee plans to hold similar activities each semester.