COVID-19 Communications

 March 26, 2021 2:00pm

SIC will begin implementation of the 3’ suggestion by the CDC in regard to COVID distancing. Some points of clarity need to be made in this regard.

Three feet is not a sweeping change as any reduction of space necessitates all other safety measures are followed. The CDC recently released new studies that support the ability to reduce spacing to 3’ as long as prevention strategies such as universal mask wearing, proper hygiene, and cleaning are in place.

The CDC continues to recommend at least 6 feet of distance when possible among adults particularly in areas like lobbies, auditoriums, etc. When masks can’t be worn, such as when eating, 6’ is still recommended. The CDC also recommends 6’ to be observed still during activities when increased exhalation occurs, such as singing, shouting, sports, exercise, etc. These activities should be moved outdoors or to large, well-ventilated spaces whenever possible. Six feet of distance should still be observed in community settings outside of the classroom.

While 3’ will not be all-inclusive, SIC will begin to phase that spacing in given arrangements made with the appropriate supervisor(s).

SIC still encourages the 6’ spacing but will work with those areas and services that may benefit from a smaller distance with safety precautions still in place.

Southeastern Illinois College


February 18, 2021 3:00pm

Welcome back! The majority of SIC classes will return to in-person instruction on Monday, February 22nd. Please check with your instructor(s) to determine if your individual class(es) will be returning to on-campus instruction next week. Masks will be required and social distancing will be observed when returning to campus. All classes will return to in-person on March 8. We are looking forward to having you back on campus!

Southeastern Illinois College


November 30, 2020 2:00pm 


Good afternoon..  I trust you all had a safe, enjoyable Thanksgiving Break.

As we wrap up the term, we need to let you know how the College plans to reopen this Spring.  COVID data and mitigations may (and probably will) change our plans, so please anticipate this.  The speed at which a vaccine is given to educational workers could also impact this timetable.  All of this is subject to change at any time, but at least it is a projection for planning’s sake. 

If you have questions, please contact your appropriate Cabinet supervisor.


  • Faculty/Staff Inservice Days on January 7 and 8 will be remote.  Dr. Weiss will provide further guidance on this at a later date.
  • Beginning January 11, lecture courses will utilize Zoom (same time as scheduled) and other remote technologies as needed; F2F lab courses, CTE courses, and Nursing & Allied Health courses are allowed to be on campus face-to-face with safety protocols engaged.  Faculty should work with their chairs and Dr. Billman on schedules and planned modalities.  We need to keep on a schedule and utilize synchronous modalities (Zoom, etc.). Many students will need/want structure along with immediate engagement per their registered schedule. Please work with OLET as needed to fulfill this request.
  • Hot spots will be available in campus parking and in the Learning Commons as well as the Cafeteria (maximum capacity will be required in these spaces).  Student WiFi access will be available in A/B Lobby and Security will be present to assist.  Times for indoor access are limited with the College opening at 8:00 am.  Please be mindful of student access with this start time, especially with cold weather approaching.
  • Testing services will be available by appointment only.
  • Advising will be by appointment only.
  • Operations will be conducted as is presently with limited staffing on a rotating basis by Cabinet functional area.
  • Safety protocols remain in place.
  • Auxiliary Services:  MJOCSS remains open unless the State (e.g., IDPH or DCFS) or local mitigations force a closure.  Falcon Bistro/Cafeteria and Spirit Store will be open as well.


  • Given COVID trends and impact, we expect to transition back into our hybrid model with more face-to-face instruction in all areas at a yet-to-be-determined date.  This phase is how we began the Fall term. Faculty, work with Dr. Billman on a similar on-campus schedule as you had in the Fall.
  • Operations will return to a 2.5 day rotation in each Cabinet functional area in the Spring unless otherwise notified.

March on

  • TBD

Take care and stay safe.



November 18, 2020 7:30PM

SIC Family,

 As you know the mitigation efforts in many states are intensifying as the COVID-19 virus spreads rapidly and unchecked for the most part.  COVID deaths now total almost as many deaths from auto accidents, strokes, flu, and suicide—combined in a year.  Sadly, that threshold will most likely be met by year’s end.  Hospitalizations are increasing and so is the death rate.  Individual responsibility will be the key to a return to normal until a vaccine is widely available which is months away for wide-spread distribution.  Because of the dangers of this upsurge, the ICCB is updating us frequently with new precautions and guidelines.

 Due to these changing variables and the most current information, SIC will operate in the coming weeks through the end of the term in an even more remote setting than we have been in our latest mitigation schedule.  While currently all lectures are remote and some CTE/labs may continue with safety protocols in place, SIC will institute more remote options for operational staff and service personnel.  This ‘essential services only scheduling’ begins as soon as your cabinet supervisor gives you permission and has a schedule to submit to Lisa Dye.

 Here is how each area will operate during this time period.


  • The Academic Affairs and Academic Services offices will take appointments and will have staff available on a rotational basis.
  • Learning Commons, OLET, and Testing departments will be operating on normal hours Monday through Friday with staff on a rotational basis.
  • TRIO services will be taking appointments, and will have staff available on a rotational basis.

 Student Services: 

  • Student Services are only operating in a remote schedule now.  No face to face appointments as offices are closed until further notice at which point staff will be on rotation accepting appointments.
  • Appointments with 24-hour notice are required for face-to-face meetings with staff.  Staff can be reached at:
    • Academic Advising:                                or extension 4130
    • Admissions/Enrollment Services:     or extension 4120
    • Financial Aid:                                            or extension 4110
  • All extra-curricular activities are suspended at this time. 
  • The Ella Elizabeth Hise Museum of Regional Art is closed to the public at this time.
  • Any COVID-19 student-related issues, concerns, or inquiries should be directed to

 Business Operations: 

  • The Business Services offices will take appointments and will have staff available on a rotational basis.

 Auxiliary Services:

  • The child care facility will remain in its current reduced operation at this time.
  • The cafeteria will be closed to the public after Thanksgiving.
  • The bookstore will be open and will have book buy back the week of December 14th.

 Information Technology: 

  • Schedule face-to-face assistance with IT staff by appointment.
  • Remote assistance will be utilized whenever possible.
  • Equipment drop off and pickup will also be scheduled by appointment only.
  • Please use the Help Desk system for assistance and appointment scheduling utilizing the Support link at the top of the SIC homepage.
  • The Help Desk system is constantly monitored during normal business hours. When submitting requests, it can expedite things to let us know if you are experiencing issue while at home or on the campus network.
  • For inquiry as to status of an existing support ticket, please reply to the email received when you submitted your support ticket. It is not necessary to copy IT staff. Help Desk submissions and replies automatically get routed to the IT staff involved. 

 Executive Services: 

  • The President’s area (HR, Foundation, Institutional, Marketing/PI) will take appointments and have a rotation of personnel in the office area.
  • Please utilize e-mail or phone services for appointments and questions.


 Please follow safety guidelines and help communicate safety protocols to everyone you know.  If we can do this for just a few weeks, it will help us get back to normal sooner.

 Take care and stay safe.

 Southeastern Illinois College


November 5, 2020 4:15pm

Fall 2020 (Update)

 The remainder of the Fall term will be slightly modified by a week and two days due to the increasing quarantine challenges and increasing positive cases. While SIC is confident in our ability to drastically curb germ spread on campus, it is the infection rate external to the College that is creating challenges to operations. We want to reduce our population density while serving students as best we can in safe manner. I appreciate your patience and dedication. Other colleges have or expect to make similar adjustments as their contexts dictate. It is testament to your hard work that we made it this far. However, with surges and record-breaking infections as well as the potential for a critical point in hospitalizations, it seems prudent to be conservative in our risk assessment. I appreciate your understanding and concern for all our safety.

As such, the following will be engaged per the Return to Campus Plan noted caveat for just such a safety situation:

  1. The existing remote schedule will end on November 13th.
  2. The adapted remote schedule will begin on November 16th.
  3. Academic Modifications:
    1. All baccalaureate courses will go completely virtual on Monday, November 16th for the rest of the Fall term. Exceptions will be made for classes with labs. All lectures normally in person should happen in Zoom for student consistency and retention efforts. If faculty intend to bring students on campus after November 16, please provide this notification to Dr. Billman by November 11.
    2. All applied technical courses will go completely virtual on Monday, November 16th for the rest of the Fall term. Exceptions will be made for classes with labs. All lectures normally in person should happen in Zoom for student consistency and retention efforts. If faculty intend to bring students on campus after November 16, please provide this notification to Dr. Billman by November 11.
    3. All nursing lectures will happen via Zoom starting on Monday, November 16th for the rest of the Fall term. Clinicals will still meet until Thanksgiving. After Thanksgiving, all nursing education will happen remotely including make-up clinicals.
    4. Faculty may still use their offices with doors closed and safe COVID-19 precautions followed. Students may meet with instructors on-campus for office hours if scheduled in advance. Appointments may be conducted remotely via Zoom as well by both parties.
    5. Faculty will not be required to be on campus except for labs and special circumstances as well as pre-arranged student conferences utilizing our safety protocols.
    6. The Learning Commons and Testing Center will remain open on a limited service basis. Students will be allowed to use these services, but keep in mind that staff will be sparse during this remote schedule. Mass testing for regular coursework is simply not plausible. Associate Dean Karla Lewis will publish the new hours by early next week. She will send out a notice to all of you.
    7. Marketing will notify students of this new schedule via regular channels, but please help communicate to your students.
  4. Non-Instructional Service/Offices Modifications:
    1. We will continue on our 2.5-day rotation to ensure office areas are staffed for continued operations.
    2. Remote work required. No changes have occurred.
  5. The MJOCCS will remain open at this time but will be closely monitored. We will work with state agencies on this service.


July 15, 2020, 1:30pm

Read the Fall 2020 Reopening Plan for students, faculty, staff, and patrons. 

Southeastern Illinois College 


June 2, 2020, 215:pm

Summer Labs Update -- All summer lab courses will be held online.

Work Schedule for Summer and Fall 2020 at SIC

Under Phase 3 of the Restore Illinois Plan, Southeastern Illinois College will open to key functional work areas only beginning June 8. Still, no students or public members will be allowed on the Harrisburg campus or David L. Stanley White County Center in Carmi during the coming three-week period. This will allow staff time to prepare for a planned, phased in reopening for the Fall.

Those key functional work area staff that will be permitted on campus this month will be working in a recommended two-day rotation within each department. This time period will allow staff to begin reopening procedures and prepare functional areas for a safe reopening. Proper protocols per Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) and state agencies as well as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will be followed, such as social distancing and the required wearing of masks. Self-monitoring of sickness and reporting measures will also be in place.

The college has also purchased multiple hand-washing stations in addition to sanitizing stations to be placed all over campus in addition to restroom sinks. Remodeling to expand some classrooms and upgrades to lecture halls are being completed this summer as well to increase safety. Multiple other measures are being implemented according to protocols being addressed by organizations like the Illinois Community College Board (ICCB) and the Illinois Board of Higher Education.

Beginning June 29, SIC will allow students on campus by appointment only while practicing safe protocols. These protocols will be posted soon on SIC’s website,, and include social distancing and wearing a mask to be on campus.

For athletics, SIC will follow the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) recommendations. Non-NJCAA student activities and events will be engaged by staff on an individual basis with appropriate supervisors. More details will be announced for this step soon.

On Aug. 3, SIC will return to regular operational days and times with the allowance of a modified work schedule by area and according to the SIC Return to Campus Plan under Phase 4 of Restore Illinois following protocols and safety measures. This plan will soon be posted on SIC’s website.

On campus classes will resume the beginning of the fall semester Aug. 17, but will be modified according to the Return to Campus Plan. After the Thanksgiving holiday (Nov. 25-27) where students and employees tend to travel, SIC plans to revert to all-remote and online learning to help prevent the spread of germs during this higher infectious period. Some events and activities will take place during the post-Thanksgiving break, to be approved on a case-by-case basis.

SIC will also finalize plans for reopening the Mary Jo Oldham Center for Child Study in the fall for its youngest students. Those plans will be announced at a later date.
Virtual graduation plans are underway and will be announced soon. Registration for summer is wrapping up and registration for fall is underway. Current students can visit to register. New or continuing students can contact or call (618)268-5400, ext. 4130 to start the registration process.

Southeastern Illinois College


April 15, 2020 2:00pm 


Southeastern Illinois College will convert its 2020 Summer Session to remote learning. Students are asked to contact their instructors for specific course details. Academic advisors are also available to answer questions. Welding courses will be modified to be online for the first of the term and will have face-to-face application late in the term, unless health and safety will require modification of that. Other lab courses will be all online. Some workforce education courses will be cancelled as well and handled on a case by case basis. Students with summer internships are asked to check with the respective academic dean's office for that information. Campus offices will open when the Governor allows us to return.

As for graduation, Southeastern understands the importance of this moment for those students who have worked so hard at their goals. The College will postpone graduation until further notice pending health and safety regulations. An announcement will be made at a later date regarding our Commencement ceremony details. The nurse pinning ceremony has been cancelled.

Southeastern Illinois College


April 13, 2020 3:00pm


SIC has added a WiFi Hot Spot for students at the David L. Stanley White County Center at 1700 College Ave. in Carmi. The hot spot will be available seven days a week, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Cars may park in the front row closest to the building (normally reserved for staff) for the best service.  Please follow the guidelines set forth in the previous WiFi update for the Harrisburg campus (below).

Southeastern Illinois College


March 21, 2020 11:00am


SIC Faculty and Students!

After making an official request to State officials on behalf of our students, SIC just received notification and permission this morning, Saturday, March 21, 2020, to allow at this time WiFi service in our defined parking lots for those who need Internet service for their classes. This allowance is now classified as essential to remote learning. The conditions for this to operate include:

  • Hot spot areas may be accessed by auto in the north parking lot in front of the Learning Commons (A-Building) area from 8:00am – 5:00pm beginning Monday, March 23.
  • These days and times may change, so visit SIC’s homepage for updates.
  • Please go to and see the map of service and the highlighted yellow parking areas.
  • Leave a space between autos as possible and practice strong social distancing.
  • Students/Users MUST STAY IN THEIR AUTOS while on campus using WiFi. No exceptions. Violators will be denied privilege and authorities will be notified.
  • No access to the building will be allowed (i.e., no restrooms) as the building will be locked and security on patrol.
  • Only 50 autos may be allowed at a time due to capacity. More than that may crash the system.
  • Security will monitor and block access should there be more automobiles than allowed.
  • Only automobiles with the current SIC parking sticker will be allowed to ensure service to currently enrolled students. If you don't have a SIC parking sticker and are a current student, contact Dr. Chad Flannery at for verification and processing.
  • Violators of these policies will be legally charged and authorities notified.

Southeastern Illinois College


March 20, 2020 2:40pm

SIC Students, Faculty, and Staff:

First, SIC is open for business. However, this communication is to inform you that in order to conform to State requirements on the health and safety for all Illinoisans, SIC will offer remote services only through the Spring term. That means, according to officials, that the WiFi hot spots in our parking lots must be closed and no one allowed on the physical campus until further notice. We hope to reopen these WiFi hotspots when we are able to do so. Only essential staff for fundamental operations (e.g. Internet service and repair, payroll, security, etc.) will be allowed on site and only with approval by the President/Cabinet and Security with an expressed need for vital services. Security will be on campus 24/7.

As the Chicago Tribune just released a few moments ago and as many assumed, the Governor is expected to issue a “shelter in place” order later this afternoon whereby only essential personnel may travel. SIC will comply with the Governor’s orders. Please watch the news for the specifics for you and your family. Be safe and practice good social distancing.

All campus operations will function remotely, utilizing varied and multiple resources to deliver instruction and services to students and stakeholders.

There will be Press Release sent today by the ICCB that was crafted by a number of associations and organizations announcing such changes. As an officer of ICCCP, I can assure you that great care and concern for all was put into this communication. There was a strong sense of camaraderie demonstrated by all entities in order to help everyone sustain as best we can during this trying time. It will basically tell us that colleges must move to remote services, avoid having people on campuses, and continue pay for employees to minimize discomfort. Once that press release becomes public, SIC will share it with you.

I will soon release additional communication to provide you with more guidance as we navigate through this transition period.

Students, you will get an education. You will have caring instructors help you and caring staff supporting you. Please reach out to us as you need. We will be in touch with you via our Homepage, FaceBook, Twitter, and TXTMSG.

Below is a helpful list of how to learn remotely. We hope this helps all our students.

Take care, all.

Jonah Rice

College From Home 101: A Top Ten List 

1. Set up a “College from Home” place to work, even if it is a small corner.
2. If you live with family or friends, ask not to be disturbed when you are in your “College from Home” space. You are not free during this time to spend the day doing family chores or activities. College is still your responsibility. The only change is that now you are doing it at home.
3. Get up at a regular time and get dressed and ready for “College at Home”
4. Develop a Routine. Set up a regular time for your “College from Home” and stick with it. You may want to follow your regular class schedule to keep up with learning the course material and completing assignments on time.
5. Check your Falcon Mail every morning and several other times each day.
6. Email your instructor if you have questions, and make sure you are clear about who you are and what class you are asking about. For example, “This is Student Name from your 8 a.m. Chemistry 220 class.”
7. Keep in communication with a couple of other students from each class when possible – check in on each other and help each other by holding one another accountable for keeping up with coursework.
8. Use a planner or list to keep track of assignments. Don’t overwhelm yourself by placing everything on one list. Break it down by week or by class.
9. Feel free to work ahead, but don’t fall behind!
10. For technical support, visit

For contacting various key departments for assistance, visit:


March 18, 2020 7:30pm

Student, Faculty, and Staff:

Based on state and federal guidelines as well as ICCB recommendations in consultation with the ICCCP, ICCTA, IEA, IFT, and IBHE plus the latest available healthcare evidence, beginning immediately, SIC will provide remote educational and operational services for the rest of the Spring term for most all services. We appreciate all the patience during this transition and difficult time in our society. Students should anticipate communication from their instructors in the coming days, or they should then contact their instructor for direction. Instructors should work with relevant support personnel on the varied delivery needs as well as the academic dean on submission of instructional delivery plans.

Academic Services/Classes

All classes will be delivered via alternate methods unless noted otherwise pending instruction in a specialized discipline. Each instructor has developed their delivery system(s) which may include online, phone conferencing, Zoom or Skype, and a variety of other methods to ensure educational services and valuable learning continues to take place. Career and technical program instructors will contact students regarding how they will instruct those programs if requirements dictate such. Some CTE/Allied Health Programs will be modified according to State Agencies such as IDPH (CNA) and IDFPR (COS). Some CTE instructional units may have small cohort instructional units pending the request of the content area expert. SIC remains in contact with State agencies and specialized accreditors to get guidance as to how we will transfer to a remote/alternate delivery model of education. Great care and planning has gone into how best to serve students and also practice safe social distancing for everyone per State and Federal guidelines. Future modifications are anticipated and you will be contacted regarding any changes.

Support Services

Student and academic support services will continue online. For specific assistance, refer to the SIC directory ( to e-mail the office you need.

Work Schedules (Non-Faculty)

Administrators and staff should contact their supervisors for direction and work from home instructions as applicable.

Campus Access

Campus access is not allowed for students. Campus access for faculty and staff is still limited to essential needs only. The same protocol put into place recently for staff and faculty still exists. Contact your appropriate cabinet supervisor for approval through security and the president’s office. Signage is to be posted denying access to campus unless authorized. Security is on site. The building is on lockdown.

Student Wi-Fi Service

Hot spot areas may be accessed by auto in the north parking lot in front of the Learning Commons (A-Building) area from 8:00am – 5:00pm beginning Monday, March 23. These days and times may change, so visit SIC’s homepage for updates. Please go to and see the map of service and the highlighted yellow parking areas. Leave a space between autos as possible and practice strong social distancing. No access to the building will be allowed (i.e., no restrooms) as the building will be locked and security on patrol. Only 50 autos may be allowed at a time due to capacity. More than that may crash the system. Security will monitor and block access should there be more automobiles than allowed. Only automobiles with the current SIC parking sticker will be allowed to ensure service to currently enrolled students. Violators of this policy will be legally charged and authorities notified.

Registration and Enrollment

Registration for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 will begin on April 6th. Web registration will be open and available through MySIC. Please direct any questions or inquiries to for new students and for current students. We will respond as quickly as possible. Please check for updates on the SIC website, FalconMail, textSIC, and SIC’s Facebook page. High school counselors have been notified in detail about our registration plans.
For help registering, visit:

Dual Credit

Dual credit questions may be answered by e-mailing: (

Please continue to visit the SIC website ( for more updates and vital communication.

Final Comments

I want to commend everyone for their patience and understanding during this very challenging time. FDR once said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot in it and hang on.” He also said that generations are sometimes given much, while others have much expected from them. This generation today, as the one in FDR’s time during WWII, “has a rendezvous with destiny.”

I am most thankful for the civility, compassion, professionalism, and caring, decent human nature so many have demonstrated during this tragic time. It will not be forgotten and always appreciated. That is the Southeastern way.

Jonah Rice


March 15, 2020 8:00pm

SIC Faculty and Staff,

We knew this pandemic would be a fluid situation. Change is inevitable. That is why Gov. Pritzker announced just earlier today that by the end of day Monday all restaurants and other similar social gathering places would be closed to promote social distancing.

SIC will ground our latest modified schedule decision for faculty and staff in the Governor’s directive. I suspect that a few of our community college partners will be doing the same.

Faculty and staff will meet Monday for planning purposes and triage. This will be a time to share a “toolbox” of ideas for remote learning (not just online), ways to reach out to students, how we should adapt to various student needs, possible future scenarios, and related planning. The rest of the week’s work will be completed remotely. We ask that everyone adjust their schedules to be here the full day (8:00am – 4:30 pm) as we plan to have varied and important meetings with academic divisions, chairs, department staff, etc. to discuss and plan for remote services and instruction for a period of time. Please exercise social distancing, good hand washing, and do not come to work if you are sick by calling your immediate cabinet supervisor.

Only essential personnel carrying out vital functions will be allowed on campus and only with my permission via your respective cabinet supervisor. There will be an updated employee e-mail later to answer questions regarding how these days will be classified in light of this new modification.

I want to thank all of you for the camaraderie displayed, such as the online peer volunteers to help those less experienced, and work already completed this weekend even. Some of the lesson planning and creative use of technology and varied remote resources are amazing and most appreciated. The work on general operations from business office, financial aid, and registration among other functional areas has been amazing. I appreciate the dedication and spirit. Sadly, we cannot provide cafeteria service due to the restrictions on restaurants issued buy the Governor.

Please know we will keep you posted on any future developments.

Take care,

Jonah Rice


March 13, 2020 

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

 Due to the highly unusual situation regarding the Coronavirus pandemic, I have made the prudent choice to enforce the following:

 1. Cancel all College classes, functions, and events from Monday, March 16 through Friday March 20 to promote social distancing in disease prevention. Per the CDC recommendations for higher education, when classes are closed due to Coronavirus, all extra-curricular activities are to be canceled during this time. This week will allow instructors and staff to prepare for alternative/remote instruction and services to be employed as detailed below. Faculty and staff are to report to work during this week on a regular schedule to plan and obtain assistance for alternate delivery methods as needed. Faculty and staff are encouraged to reach out to students in their classes to help communicate specific strategies for continuation of educational service.

 2. Engage in alternate (distance/online/video chat/etc.) learning for two weeks—from Monday, March 23 through at least Friday, April 3—in order to limit disruption to learning and promote social distancing. Instructors will reach out to students as needed. Students, please check your SIC e-mail regularly for possible communication from your instructors. If you have limited or no access to Internet services, instructors may have alternate directives including but not limited to using WiFi from remote sites that are open while practicing social distancing.

 3. Registration for Summer 2020 and Fall 2020 will be postponed until April 6th when normal operations should resume. Questions should be directed to for current students and for new students.

 4. The Mary Jo Oldham Center for Child Study will be closed during this three-week period and we plan to re-open on April 6. Staff will report for the week of March 16 - March 20.

 5. The SIC Board Meeting will take place as scheduled on March 19.

 6. Staff and faculty may still work from campus during this two-week instructional time period from March 23 - April 3 as needed and/or wanted as long as social distancing and standard safety standards are stressed. Remote work from off-campus is an available option with no absences registered as long as the immediate cabinet supervisor is informed of the option during this defined period of time.

 7. Effective March 16, all non-essential travel will be canceled. Staff sponsors/coaches are to contact their immediate cabinet supervisor for consultation on what is essential or not. At this time, all GRAC (athletics) sports for the Spring have been canceled for the entire conference as determined by presidents in the GRAC.

 8. Campus events during this time will be canceled. Only a few exceptions will be made given prior arrangement, such as the election polling place. Employees or external point of contact personnel, please contact the immediate cabinet member or appropriate campus administrator over the event for consultation on any gathering on campus.

 These decisions were made in consultation with State and Federal sources as well as local college officials. We have been in near constant contact and sharing resources in order to make the best decisions we can with the best evidence at our disposal. My top priority is the comprehensive safety and well-being of our students, faculty, and staff.

 This situation is unprecedented, resulting in major disruptions at all levels of our society and economy. I thank you for your patience and understanding, particularly as we all navigate through uncharted territory. I know questions will arise, challenges will occur, and unforeseen issues will result. Please know that patience and perseverance will help us prevail as long as we work together for the common good.

 Ultimately, this strategy is a calculated precaution and public health measure also designed to align with other higher education institutions and entities. We encourage staff and students to continue to follow CDC and IDPH guidelines regarding hygiene and social distancing especially during this alternate scheduling period.

 For campus updates, please visit regularly. SIC will post updates and important communication at this location.

 Regards and Respects,

Jonah Rice