Hise Museum Selection Process and Criteria

Selection Process and Criteria

The Hise Museum Operations and Collections Committee (OCC)is made up of essential personnel from the College and community to provide guidance and feedback to administration regarding the function of the Hise Museum, and in particular, the acquisition of collection pieces.  The tentative process for exhibit selection of permanent pieces include:

    1. Two- and three-dimensional pieces are acceptable, given consideration of space and feasibility.
    2. Fine and applied arts are acceptable.
    3. Donors submit an image of the artwork (digital preferred) and donor application form.
    4. Donors also need to submit a brief description regarding the history, artist, and interesting information regarding the artifact.
    5. Pieces will only be considered on an individual basis.  Collections of work may not be eligible for donation as one submission.  Multiple applications may be submitted.
    6. The College reserves the right to refuse or allow any display of art which might be prove offensive to community public standards or violate federal, state, and/or local laws.
    7. Specific Selection Criteria:
      • Cultural/Social Significance
      • Artist Background
      • Consideration of purpose of the Museum’s mission and College’s mission
      • Creativity
      • Quality
      • Emotional and Intellectual Stimulation
      • Safety
      • Feasibility

Selection Committee Members

Barb Allen
Janet Bixler
Melody Bryant
Lynda Clemmons
Sara DeNeal
Hillary Gee
Chad Flannery
Julia Pfeiffer-Scherrer
Kellye Whittler