Strategic Planning


In Fall 2015, the College began the strategic planning cycle to develop the next Strategic Plan for 2017-2022.

Multiple subcommittees were formed to engage the new process of examining the College's mission, vision, goals, and values. The committees also engaged the planning process and how strategic planning works within the College's overall Institutional Effectiveness Calendar. General educational goals were also reviewed, and a subcommittee was assigned to conduct an intensive
environmental scanning of the College, district, region, and State used for
feedback in developing the new strategic initiatives. This action took place all the while the prior strategic plan of 2012-2017 was being completed.

The planning process was smoother this time as the process had been greatly refined in 2011 utilizing a more inductive and inclusive approach in formulating direction for the College. A defined planning process cycle and manual were created then and only slightly refined for this second five-year planning cycle.

This new cycle of planning recognizes and engages the 'new normal' of higher education in the country and particularly Illinois. For example, most colleges and universities face declining enrollments due to a number of variable, and so they must work on mitigating loss through a variety of tactics such as creative programming, new interests for students, and retention. All of that must be done with reduced funding. Southeastern has assembled a team to engage those challenges, not hide from them. This plan will help guide the College into a new phase of evolution in higher education in Illinois.

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