Summer College Prep Program

College prep courses in English, math, reading and writing will review and develop skills necessary to ease the transition into college level courses.  Prep courses can also help improve students' grades while still in high school!

Eligibility is based on ACCUPLACER test scores and being referred to the program by a high school instructor or high school counselor.  The ACCUPLACER test measures reading, writing and math skills and helps place students in a course that builds upon their current ability.  Tuition is waived (up to eight credit hours) for eligible students. If you have completed your high school senior year, you must be enrolled full-time at Southeastern for the next fall semester to qualify for the tuition waiver.  Students are responsible for fees, book and supply purchases.

Available Program Areas
English 101 and 109
Math 101
Math 106, 108 and 109
Reading 101*
Reading 106

Courses are available online and through the Dana Keating Student Success Center is open Monday through Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. during the summer. 
For more information about these courses, contact the High School Recruiter/Dual Credit Coordinator by calling (618) 252-5400 ext. 2245 or by email at

Not all courses are offered each summer semester.