Working Remotely FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions while working from home.


1. Why can't I visit other websites while connected to the SIC VPN (Virtual Private Network) for J1 and network shares?

The VPN service shuts down your internet from everything that sits outside the SIC network or server that you are remoted into. You can visit websites while connected but you must use a browser on the remote access server etc. Otherwise, you have to disconnect from the VPN to have browser access on your local machine.  Another option would be for you to connect to needed website from one of your personal devices. You CAN still use the Web Mail client to send and receive email without disconnecting from the VPN. 


1) I get an error message when trying to run tasklists in J1.

 1. Make sure your Infomaker Config Tool is properly set up. (contact IT Support for Instructions)

2. While connected to GlobalProtect, verify your Z:\custom$ share does not have a red X. If it does, double click it to refresh the connection.

3. Try to run your tasklist again.