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Lolita L. MackLolita L. Mack, ABD

August 15, 2016

Welcome back to another exciting semester, filled with great events, programs, and activities for the TRIO/Student Support Services students at Southeastern Illinois College. I expect a great fall 2016 semester for our new and returning SSS students. We will continue to provide a variety of new and creative events/activities and we hope that you all will actively participate.

Please take your time and read your emails, quarterly newsletters, and the message boards across campus to receive updated information on SSS events and activities. The Supplemental Grant Aid Scholarship program will continue this semester so be sure to come to one of the scheduled times and let the SSS staff know if you have any questions or concerns. We look forward to assisting you this semester. Please plan to actively participate in the program’s events and activities. I will be available to answer any questions that you have regarding the SSS program and your academic success.

We have arranged the events and activities for various time blocks and online so that you all will not have to miss a class. If you have signed up for one of the Transfer/College visits and/or off-campus activity with TRIO, please get prior approval from your instructors to complete your work for classes. There are many opportunities for attending the workshops and trips without missing class.

If you are a newly selected or eligible student, you MUST complete the Intake Interview and Personal Improvement Plan (PIP), to be fully accepted in the TRIO/SSS program. Those students, who do not complete the rules and regulations of being accepted, will not be enrolled in the TRIO program.  Again, I am excited about this semester and I’m looking forward to interacting with you all during the course of this semester.

If you have any questions, feel free to stop by my office in the A-143, call 618-252-5400 ext. 2432 or email me at


Lolita L. Mack

TRiO/SSS Program Director