LOLITA L. MACK TRIO DIRECTORLocation: Learning Center A-Building
Office: A-143
Phone: (618) 252-5400 ext 2432

Lolita is responsible for coordinating, monitoring, and evaluating the Title IV grant. She also develops specific strategies to identify at-risk students and implement strategies to identify student difficulties and barriers. Lolita also provides effective interventions to deal with a student's lack of attendance, financial problems, transportation, childcare needs, low self-esteem, poor time-management and/or study skills, and academic difficulty. Retention is her number one focus.

Lolita has a BFA in Graphic Design from SIU-C, an Ms ED in Workforce Education & Development, specializing in Program Leadership from SIU-C, and is finishing her PhD in Workforce Education, specializing in Management and Professional Development from SIU-C.

Location: Learning Center A-Building
Phone: (618) 252-5400 ext 2473

Anita delivers basic skills instruction and class development/creation, advises targeted students on all course work, and manages the TRIO technology systems. She also provides educational support for the Student Success Center tutors and monitors all online workshop modules and classes. Anita also manages the TRIO Webpage, Facebook, and TRIO texting program.

Anita has an Associate in Applied Science in Business Management/Accounting from Southeastern Illinois College, a Bachelor's of Science in Workforce, Education, Training and Development from Southern Illinois University Carbondale, and a Master's in Education from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Anita also earned a Master Online Teaching Certificate from the University of Illinois, Illinois Online Network.

Location: Harry W. Abell Administration Building
Office: E-124
(618) 252-5400 ext 2433

Dara has a Bachelor of Science degree in History and Psychology from Ball State University, a Master of Education degree in Adult Education and Training from University of Phoenix, a Master of Education degree in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Phoenix and has over thirty credit hours towards a Master of Science degree in Psychology. 

Dara Cox SIC TRIO Advisor
Location: Learning Center A-Building
Office: A-150
Phone: (618) 252-5400 ext 2435