Student Email Name Changes

Student Email Name Changes

Complete the steps below to process a name change for your student Falcon Mail email account:

  1. Note: we can only process a new Falcon Mail account if you are currently enrolled.
  2. Contact Admissions and Records and complete any necessary paperwork.
  3. Once your name change has been processed, submit an IT electronic support request for a Falcon Mail password reset under your new name. Be sure to use another active email account and good phone number where you can be reached on your request.
  4. We will notify you via email or by phone when your new account is ready, usually 1 to 2 business days, with the steps needed to use your new account.
  5. Once you can access your new Falcon Mail Account, no further steps are required. However, if change occurs during the middle of a semester, it is recommended for you to alert your instructors.
  6. No information from your old account is automatically transferred to your new account. However, your old account is retained for a period of one year since your last login. This will allow you to continue to use your old account to finish a current semester, etc.
  7. The rest of your student accounts use your Student ID Number for your login. No changes to those accounts are needed. You will automatically see your changed name in those systems.