Student Account Setup

As of May 11, 2021, everyone will need to set up their initial account or reset their password in the Falcon Portal.

You will need to know the following information to set up your accounts:
  • The preferred browser is Google Chrome. Please do not use Microsoft Edge. 
  • Only the student themselves can perform these steps. You will be asked to set up a meaningful 15 plus character passphrase and enter a password recovery phone number or email.
  • Your User Name is your O365 Falcon Mail Email Address.
  • Your O365 Falcon Mail Email Address is your LEGAL first name.last name.last three digits of your Student ID, followed by "".  For example, Sally Smith, with Student ID 132743, her User Name is
  • Your Temporary Password to set up your accounts is your complete date of birth (including leading zeros), followed by the last four of your SSN (including any leading zeros). Sally Smith, whose birth date is March 5 2000 with an SSN of 111-222-1234, her temporary password is 03-05-2000-1234 (dashes are included in temporary password). If the temporary password does not work, likely, you have not provided the college with your SSN. Please complete a support ticket using the Technical Support link at the top of the SIC homepage. 

Step 1 - Activate Your SIC Login in the Falcon Portal

The Falcon Portal is where you initially set up your SIC account.

  1. Please navigate your browser to this login page:
  2. Username: Falcon Mail Email Address.
  3. Initial Password: 15 digit temporary password (your Date of Birth followed by last 4 of SSN (including any leading zeros) - format:  MM-DD-YYYY-L4SS)
  4. Click Login
  5. Enter your password recovery phone number OR email address
  6.  The system will send an OTP (One Time Passcode) to the phone number or email address you entered.  After you enter it into the system click continue
  7.  You will be prompted to enter a new 15+ character password.
  8. Log in with your new password and you will now see a list of applications that you can access. 
  9.  Setup your alternate method for password recovery phone number OR email address.
  10. Click your name at the top right and choose Edit Profile.

Step 2 - Activate Your MySIC Login

MySIC is a web portal where you can register for classes, access your online courses, print your schedule, see financial aid status, view billing information and sign up for payment plans, check your grades and get unofficial transcripts, and more.

  1. Click the MySIC application in the Falcon Portal.
  2. If on mobile device and site asks you Mobile Site or Desktop Site, choose Desktop Site (not Mobile Site). 
  3. Username: Falcon Mail Email Address
  4. Password: Use the password created in the Falcon Portal (step 1 above)
  5. Click Login

Step 3 – Test Your Falcon Mail/O365 Login (30 minutes After Step 1)

Falcon Mail is a SIC provided email account required for all currently enrolled studentsFalcon Mail accounts are not retained or recreated for former students (unless returning).

  1. Click the Falcon Mail application in the Falcon Portal
  2. Username: Falcon Mail Email Address
  3. Key in your new password that you set in the Falcon Portal.
  4. Click Sign in to log in to your Falcon Mail account. To protect your account, after 10 failed login attempts, your account will be locked for a short period of time. Wait 30 minutes or more and try again.
  5. Once logged in, Click Mail Icon - Select the correct time zone - Click Save.
  6. Note: this is the same user name and password you will use to access your free version of O365 ProPlus (One Drive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Lync, and Publisher on up to five personal devices) while a student at SIC. 

    Note: your O365 account including One Drive data may be deleted one year following your last enrollment at SIC.

Step 4 - Signup for Student Printing Services(optional)

Students can print documents for a per-page fee in the SIC library using the PaperCut system. Find more information on student printing at Signup for your PaperCut account by following the steps below.

  1. Create an account
  2. Choose the Register as a New User link located under the login button
  3. Fill out the form using your Full Legal Name, your Falcon Mail email for Email Address, SIC User Name (same as your email address without the for Usernameenter your password twice (we recommend you use the same one as MySIC)
  4. Select Register

Step 5 - Signup for txtSIC (optional but recommended) 

txtSIC is an opt-in text messaging service to notify students of campus closures for weather and other emergencies. Additionally, students may sign up to receive class cancellation notices from their instructors. While SIC does not charge for this service, text message charges may apply based on your service with your cell phone provider. Note: it is very helpful to have a copy of your schedule available (can be obtained from MySIC) to set up class cancellation notices for your current instructors.  

  1. Click the txtSIC application in the Falcon Portal
  2. Username: Falcon Mail Email Address
  3. Key in your Legal First and Last name.
  4. Password: We recommend you use the same one as you set up in the Falcon Portal.
  5. Optional Groups: select your current instructors to receive their class cancellation notices.
  6. Check Agree to Terms of Service. Your cell phone number is not sold or provided to outside entities.
  7. Click Create Account
  8. SMS Numbers: Include your area code and do not enter dashes, i.e. 6181234567
  9. Select Carrier from the drop-down. Click Add new. 
    *Note: Straight Talk customers should use Verizon, if your carrier does not work, try Other.
  10. If your account was created successfully, you will receive a text message on your phone within a few minutes containing a validation code.
  11. Key validation code into the resulting web page and click Validate to activate your account. Status should change to Active.
  12. Email Addresses: Key in your SIC Email Address - Click Add new. 
  • Each semester login to txtSIC to update your instructor notifications -click the Groups link at the top.
  • If you forget your txtSIC password, use the Forgot username? link. Enter your cell phone number including area code. Your username and a temporary password will be sent to your phone. You can change it to something more easily remembered under the Account tab once logged in.
  • You can change your cell number or service provider by clicking the Services link at the top and click Change Status.
  • You can cancel your txtSIC service by texting STOP to 79516 or reply to any alert with the text STOP.

Step 6 - Signup for a Bookstore Account (optional) 

You can find your books needed for your courses on the SIC Bookstore website.  You can buy books physically in our bookstore or you may order them from our SIC Bookstore website, You must register for an account separately to order books on Your login accounts for MySIC and Falcon Mail are not synced with this website.

  1. Navigate to:
  2. Click the Login link
  3. Click the Register Here link. If you have previously set up an account on, click the Login link and then Forgot My Password. You will need to use the email account that was entered when you registered for the site. 


rev. 06/2021