September 5, 2012

  • President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:38p.m. Those present were as follows: Matt Lees, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Cassie Rea, and Courtney Bunting. Those absent were Kellye Whitler and Eric Jackson.


  • The minutes from the August 20, 2012 were approved as amended.


  • There were no executive reports at this time.


  • Faculty Meeting Reports


-Curriculum Committee- Has met, but no Student Government member was in attendance.

- Assessment Committee- Has not met.

-Campus Environment Committee- Has not met.

-Strategic Planning Committee- Has not met.

-Scholarship Taskforce Committee- No student assigned to the committee yet, however, committee will be meeting soon.

-Parking and Safety Committee- The committee has met, but a student representative was not in attendance.


  • Old Business-

ATM Project- President Katie Clayton said that advisor Kellye Whitler met with Banterra Bank representatives. They did a walk-around of the proposed ATM location. The ATM fees were discussed during the meeting, and the group seemed to think the fees would be in the two to five dollar range. President Clayton stated that she was led to believe that there were talks of the ATM fees being waved. The group will consult advisor Kellye Whitler on the ATM fees at the next meeting.


Patio Renovation- The groundbreaking will take place in the spring of 2013.


Tornado Memorial- President Clayton had a concern with the placement of the Tornado Memorial on the patio. The concern is that the memorial will be placed before the patio renovation will be complete and its placement will cause confusion during the construction.  The tornado memorial has been voted on and approved by Student Government and advisor Matt Lees said the next step is to present the plan to Dean Flannery. President Clayton is to write a detailed description of the plan to give to Flannery for this project.


Campus Recycling Program- President Clayton attempted to contact Clean Earth Trash Service and Recycling and a message was left. No one from the company has called Clayton back as of September 5th, 2012. Advisor Matt Lees said to try again and contact the company, and to also look into other recycling companies.


AHA Heart Walk- There is a dessert auction to support the cause, however members were not sure of the event date. President Clayton will be providing executive members with paper hearts to sell as fundraisers for the event. The Heart Walk is on September 29th. Advisor Matt Lees suggested having a table outside of the student center to sell the hearts to students. Advisor Matt Lees said that anyone interested in joining the Student Government Heart Walk group is allowed to do so; it is not limited to Southeastern students. Vice President Shawna Browning volunteered to make a poster with heart facts to support the group’s fundraising cause. President Clayton offered to give Browning materials from her team captain packet which would aid in information pertaining to the Heart Walk.


Build Day at Gaskins City Playground Complex- Build day is September 22nd. President Clayton told the group of her involvement as Chair of the Environmental Committee and invited all those interested in joining the group to talk with her. The committee has set a goal to recycle all left over materials from the Build Day event. In addition to that, the group will be finding creative ways to involve young children during Build Day. More information about Build Day can be found on the Harrisburg Township Park District’s Facebook page.


A Million Reasons Why Parade- President Clayton said she thought the parade went very well. The group estimated an attendance of around sixteen to eighteen people representing SIC.


Voter Registration- Advisor Matt Lees said that advisor Kellye Whiter talked with Gallatin County Clerk Beth Wargel and Wargel could not give a date for SIC voter registration until Monday September 10th.


  • New Business-

Recruits for Student Senate- Petitions for Student Senate are located at the A/B lobby and at the lobby in Building E. The due date for Student Senate petitions is Friday September 21st, 2012. Students shall take Senate petitions to Mr. Lee’s office.


  • Student Concerns-

Student Government T-Shirts- Vice President Browning will be making t-shirts for the executive board. The color of pink was chosen and the shirt will consist of each person’s name and Student Government title. Advisor Matt Lees said that Student Government funds should be able to be used to pay for the t-shirts.


  • President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was moved by Vice President Shawna Browning and seconded by Treasurer Cassie Rea. The meeting was adjourned at 1:29p.m.