September 24, 2012

  • President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:32p.m. Those present were as follows: Matt Lees, Kelly Whitler, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Eric Jackson, Cassie Rea, and Courtney Bunting.  


  • Executive Reports

-Vice-President’s Report- Nothing to report.

-Trustee’s Report- Nothing to report.

-Treasurer’s Report- Nothing to report.

 -Secretary’s Report- Nothing to report.

  • Faculty Meeting Reports


-Curriculum Committee- Has not met.

- Assessment Committee- Has not met.

-Campus Environment Committee- Has not met.

-Strategic Planning Committee- Has not met.

-Scholarship Taskforce Committee- Has not met.

-Parking and Safety Committee- Met Thursday September 20th. There were nine citations written and 51 warnings for parking violations.


  • Old Business-

ATM Project- Advisor Kellye Whitler said that more information would be known by the next Cabinet Meeting.


AHA Heart Walk- is Saturday September 29th at John A. Logan. A table will be set up on Thursday September 27th to sell hearts to raise money for the event.


Build Day at the Gaskins City Park Complex- Was a great success and had a large turnout.

Voter Registration- SIC voter registration day was set for October 3rd. White County declined an invitation to the event and Advisor Kellye Whitler had not heard anything from Hardin and Pope Counties. Saline and Gallatin Counties will participate on October 3rd

Tornado Memorial- A written plan for the memorial will be made by President Clayton by the October 1st meeting.

Campus Recycling Project- Clean Earth Trash Service and Recycling still has not responded, so the search for a new recycling company will go forward.


  • New Business-


  • Student Concerns-

-The computers in the library have been numbered with the corresponding monitors. Vice President Shawna Browning had suggested the numbering to resolve confusion for students trying to find their computer.  


  • President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was moved by Vice President Shawna Browning and seconded by Secretary Eric Jackson. The meeting was adjourned at 12:45p.m.