October 29, 2012

  • President Katie Clayton called the meeting into order at 12:35 pm. Those present were as follows: President Katie Clayton, Vice President Shawna Browning, Secretary Eric Jackson, Treasurer Cassie Rea, Student Trustee Courtney Bunting, Nicole York, Salena Russell, John Patton, Mirko Tadinac, Lesa Adams, Keri Chow, Evan Bickett, Janet Faze, Allie Austin, Sadie Goodwin, Advisor Matt Lees, and Advisor Kellye Whitler. Those absent were Brandon Hankins (unexcused) and Johnathan Barr (unexcused).
  • Executive Board Reports

-Vice-President’s Report- Nothing to report.

-Trustee’s Report- Nothing to report.

-Treasurer’s Report- Finance Committee approved $800 for the Education Club to use towards travel expenses, van rental, and memberships for their conference. President Clayton entertained a motion to approve this request. This was moved by Shawna Browning, and seconded by Courtney Bunting. Role call vote was administered by Secretary Eric Jackson. Those voting ‘yes’ were President Katie Clayton, Vice President Shawna Browning, Secretary Eric Jackson, Treasurer Cassie Rea, Student Trustee Courtney Bunting, Nicole York, Salena Russell, Lesa Adams, Keri Chow, Evan Bickett, Allie Austin, Sadie Goodwin. Mirko Tadinac voted ‘no’.  John Patton sustained from voting. New member Brittany Potter voted ‘yes’, as well. President Clayton then stated that it was the opinion of the chair that the ayes had it.

 -Secretary’s Report-  Nothing to report.

• The minutes from the last meeting were approved as submitted. This was moved by Vice President Shawna Browning, and seconded by Treasurer Cassie Rea.

•             Faculty Meeting Reports

-Curriculum Committee- Have a meeting scheduled for this Thursday.

- Assessment Committee- Has not met yet, but will be meeting soon.

-Campus Environment Committee- Has not met.

-Strategic Planning Committee- Has not met.

-Scholarship Taskforce Committee- Has not met since the last meeting.

-Parking and Safety Committee- Met this past Wednesday. Treasurer Cassie Rea stated that

There were 21 warnings and 10 citations given. There were two appeals, both of which were

denied. The falcon spot winner chosen for this month is Kelsie Neal. They will not be meeting

again until January, however, Treasurer Rea expressed that they will be communicating by

e-mail between these times.

•Old Business

                •Tornado Memorial- President Clayton informed members that Advisor Whitler and herself

                will be presenting the Tornado Memorial proposal to Dean Flannery subsequent to today’s


                •ATM Project- Advisor Whitler stated that Dean Flannery has been asked by Dr. Rice to continue

                negotiations with Banterra Bank. This was due in part to Banterra Bank requesting advertising

                rights in areas of the campus rather than the ATM, which is not allowed by school policy.

                •Falcon Flyer- President Clayton stated that she is currently working on two separate stories for

                The Falcon Flyer, one about the Candidate Forum, and another about the Archery Team. Editor

                Betsy Dick has scheduled a meeting for Falcon Flyer committee members tomorrow at 1:30 pm

                in the Student Government office located in Hardin Corridor. This will be a short meeting.

                •Member Committee Assignments- New member Brittany Potter has chosen to be a

                part of the Finance Committee. Evan Bickett chose to be a part of the Student Life Committee.

                •Candidate Forum- President Katie Clayton stated that we had an extremely good turnout, with

                twenty-seven candidates participating. She also expressed thanks to the Student Government

organization as a whole, as she has been contacted by phone, in person, as well as on Facebook

by candidates speaking about how well they thought the entire event went over. Advisor Lees

also stated that he had been contacted by a number of the Cabinet members giving their thanks

of how well this night went. President Clayton then passed around thank you cards to Sonny

Dotson, of WEBQ Radio, Bob Holmes, Saline County Republican Chairman, and Bob Oglesby,

Saline County Democratic Chairman.

•Advisor Lees reminded students about the game tournament Friday.

•Circle K was then approved as a campus organization, although since they are privately funded

 through an outside source, Kiwanis, they will not receive funding through the Student

Government organization. President Katie Clayton, a member of Circle K, spoke on the club,

stating that Circle K is a civic organization whose main focus is benefitting children in the

community through hosting fundraising events. She added that tonight, Circle K would be having

a fundraiser at Sonic in Harrisburg, with Sonic donating 20% of all proceeds made between 5:00

and 7:00 pm, as well as 100% of the tips made during this time period. The organization will also

be hosting a bake sale on Thursday. President Clayton encouraged everyone to come out and

support Circle K with their events. This motion to recognize Circle K as a campus organization

was supported unanimously by Student Government members.

Student Concerns

                •Nursing Club will be depositing drop boxes around campus for students to donate items to

                which will be donated to the Four C’s Food Pantry and Shelter.

                •President Clayton then announced that at her second job at Eldorado Elementary School, one

                of the third graders whom she teaches has a father who is in Stage 4 cancer. A former art

                student of SIC who is a close friend of the family is making silk-screen t-shirts and selling them

                for $25.00 each as a way to raise money for the future to pay the expense of a funeral. Anyone

                who wishes to buy one can contact President Clayton to order one.

•The meeting was adjourned by President Clayton 1:21 pm. Vice President Shawna Browning moved the motion, and Student Trustee Courtney Bunting seconded.