November 19, 2012

• President Clayton called the meeting into order at 12:33 pm. Those present were as follows: President Katie Clayton, Vice President Shawna Browning, Treasurer Cassie Rea, Student Trustee Courtney Bunting, Evan Bickett, Allie Austin, Drake Patton, Mirko Tadinac, Brittney Potter, Arial Suits, and Lesa Adams, Advisor Kellye Whitler, and Advisor Matt Lees. Those absent were as follows: Secretary Eric Jackson(excused), Nicole York , Salena Russell, Keri Chow, Janet Faze, Sadie Goodwin, Brandon Hankins, and Jonathan Barr.

•Stacy Moore and Wayne Mitchell came to hear students concerns over a need for healthier food. Stacy stated that they would be glad to try anything out and keep it out for students to buy if it sells. Wayne stated that upon request, separate dietary options are available to pick-up when planned in advance.

•The minutes were approved with amendments made by Advisor Matt Lees.

•Executive Board Reports:

Vice President’s Report- Vice President Shawna Browning thanked everyone who came out to the game tournament. The total number of participants was about 50-55 students.

Trustee’s Report- Student Trustee Courtney Bunting attended the meeting in Chicago with Advisor Whitler. There, they discussed what students would be lobbying for on Lobby Day. This year, a major topic will be the Dream Act.

Treasurer’s Report- ECC (Early Childhood Club) funding request was approved by the Finance Committee. It was also approved in the roll call vote. Members voted as follows- Vice President Shawna Browning- Aye, Treasurer Cassie Rea- Aye, Evan Bickett-Aye, Allie Austin- Aye, Drake Patton-Aye, Student Trustee Courtney Bunting- Aye, Brittney Potter- Aye, Arial Suits- Aye, Lesa Adams- Aye, and President Katie Clayton- Aye.

•Falcon Flyer- All students are working on their stories, which will soon be having a deadline for the fall semester.

•Faculty Meeting Reports:

-Curriculum Committee- Met, Modern Physics Course has been decided upon for next year.

- Assessment Committee- Has not met.

-Campus Environment Committee- Has not met.

-Strategic Planning Committee- Has not met.

-Scholarship Taskforce Committee- Has not met since the last meeting.

-Parking and Safety Committee- Have been communicating through e-mail. Have not picked a falcon spot candidate yet.

•Old Business

-Patio Renovation- President Clayton stated that the patio renovation has been moving along smoothly. It should be completed by the spring of 2013.

-Tornado Memorial- President Clayton stated that the possibility of including the memorial in on the fountain is a possibility. She also stated her idea of having a candlelight vigil this year as well as in the future around the date of when the tornado took place. All agreed that this was a fantastic idea.

-ATM Project- Advisor Whitler stated that this has again went back to cabinet, and has yet to be approved. The question of tying this to SIC’s banking contract, which changes about once every four years, has been discussed.

•Student Concerns:

-Shawna Browning mentioned a concern about making student e-mail mobile-friendly. Advisor Lees expressed that this can be discussed at the next meeting with Greg McCulloch.

• President entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. It was seconded by Treasurer Cassie Rea, and moved by Vice President Shawna Browning. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 pm.