January 14, 2013

President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. In order for the meeting to continue, Betsy Dick and Dylan Winters were sworn into becoming members of Student Government.

Those present were as follows: Advisor Matt Lees, Advisor Kellye Whitler, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Betsy Dick, Cassie Rea, Courtney Bunting, Salena Russell (excused), John Patton (excused; waiting for a new education representative), Mirko Tadinac, Lesa Adams, Evan Bickett (unexcused), Nicole York, Jonathan Barr (unexcused), Brittney Potter, Allie Austin, and Dylan Winters.

President Katie Clayton motioned for approval of the February 6, 2012 meeting minutes. Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Student Trustee Courtney Bunting. In a motion to accept the December 3rd meeting minutes, motion approved.

Vice President Shawna Browning reported there is a Student Life meeting this Thursday, January 17th at 12:30pm.

Student Trustee Courtney Bunting that she will be attending a board meeting soon.

Student Treasurer Cassie Rea reported the current balance was $4, 671.91. An amount of $800 will be deposited into the Student Government account. Also, she reported to tell advisors that they can ask an amount up to $400 this semester. Advisor Kellye Whitler added that she had received few receipts for this past fall and that she has to have receipts before they are able to get funding for the spring. An exception is the Math and Science club.

Senator Dylan Winters was asked which of the following committees he would like to join. He decided to go with the Falcon Flyer.   

Moving on to faculty meeting reports, Advisor Kellye Whitler reported that the Curriculum Committee will have a meeting sometime in February.

Assessment, Strategic Planning, and Scholarship Taskforce Committees have not met yet.

Campus Environment Committee has not been formed as of this time.

Student Trustee Cassie Rea stated the Parking Committee has not met yet but the next meeting is January 23rd. Also, Darcie Wiman won the Falcon Spot for December and January.

President Katie Clayton moved on to new business and brought up an idea about having a candlelight vigil for the victims of the leap day tornado. Cassie Rea stated that it was a good idea but where and at what time would it take place. Katie Clayton stated that it would be held February 27th at 6pm on the patio, if the administration approves it. Cassie then asked which county’s officials would be involved. Katie Clayton then replied Saline and Gallatin. Cassie Rea then asked if Eldorado would be included. Katie Clayton then replied that all of Saline and Gallatin County would be included. Nicole York asked who would be allowed to speak at the candlelight vigil. Katie Clayton then replied that the Harrisburg Mayor Eric Gregg, Gallatin County Mayor Becky Mitchell, along with Senator Gary Forby, Representative Brandon Phelps, President Dr. Rice and herself would be speaking at the ceremony. Advisor Matt Lees then stated that each would talk for a few minutes. After that was settled, the next question that was brought up was what kind of lights to use. Advisor Kellye Whitler announced that we would have to use battery operated lights instead of actual candles due to policy. Advisor then stated that we should ask if we could use candles instead because candles have more meaning than battery operated lights. Advisor Kellye Whitler then stated that the lights would cost around $400 and that the money would be taken out of the student government account to pay for them. President Katie Clayton then entertained a motion to approve the candlelight vigil.  Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Trustee Courtney Bunting.

The meeting then went on to discuss the upcoming game tournament. Advisor Matt Lees, Kellye Whitler, President Katie Clayton, and Senator Nicole York were discussing when was the best day to have the game tournament. Advisor Matt Lees suggested April, but Nicole York and Kellye Whitler both stated that April was when the National Speech Tournament and the Phi Theta Kappa All Academic Competition are being held. Matt Lees stated that March 1st wasn’t going to work because that is the weekend of MIG. Betsy Dick stated that no matter what day is chosen, it seemed like there would always be a conflict. Both Matt Lees, Kellye Whitler, and the rest of student government voted to have the tournament on March 22nd. A time is still yet to be decided.

Advisor Kellye Whitler stated that the Student Government blood drive will be March 27th from 10am-3pm. All student government is asked to participate. There should be at least two people working each hour.

President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Student Trustee Courtney Bunting. The meeting was adjourned at 1:19 p.m.