February 25, 2013

Full-Senate Meeting

February 25, 2013

President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:32 p.m. The meeting proceeded with attendance.

Those present were as follows: Advisor Matt Lees, Advisor Kellye Whitler, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Betsy Dick, Cassie Rea, Courtney Bunting, Salena Russell, Mirko Tadinac, Lesa Adams, Nicole York, Brittney Potter, Allie Austin (excused), Braden Hankins (unexcused), Phylisha Pike (excused), Juanita Walle, and Caitlin Burklow.

President Katie Clayton motioned for approval of the February 11th 2013 meeting minutes. Motion by Student Trustee Courtney Bunting, second by Vice President Shawna Browning. In a motion to accept the February 11th meeting minutes as amended, motion approved.

Vice President Shawna Browning reported about the video game tournament on Friday, March 22nd at 6:00 p.m. Also, she stated that there would be a Student Life meeting March 6th at 12:30 p.m. Student Trustee Courtney Bunting stated if we know who is bringing what snacks to the tournament. Shawna Browning then replied that no, the sign up will be provided at the next meeting. Advisor Matt Lees then stated if we were planning on having pizza at the tournament. Shawna Browning then replied yes, because it is the easiest and cheapest thing to do.

Student Trustee Courtney Bunting that she attended the board meeting last Tuesday, February 19th. She then stated that the meeting went well and that the board wanted to know who the head of the Advisory Committee was. She then went on to state that since we don’t have an Advisory Committee that the board reported that the executive board is the Advisory Committee. Advisor Kellye Whitler then stated that Courtney could send an email to her before she sends it to anyone.  Courtney can then send it to whomever.

Student Treasurer Cassie Rea stated nothing new to report. Advisor Matt Lees stated that we could go ahead and look at the requisitions. Treasurer Cassie Rea then stated that there were two requisitions, one for Education and one for Early Childhood. She then stated that the Education club is seeking for $400 for a conference in Bloomington. The money would go towards registration, admission fee, and travel expenses. They are also contributing their own money to this. The club is also in good standing with the organization. After the explanation, Cassie then stated that a roll vote had to take place. Secretary Betsy Dick took the roll vote. Everyone present voted yes. After the roll vote, Treasurer Cassie Rea ststed that Early Childhood was next. Club representative of Early Childhood Brittany Potter explained about what the money would be used for. She then stated that the conference was about different ways to approach situations and such. Secretary Betsy Dick then took roll vote again for Early Childhood. Everyone votes yes. 

Secretary Betsy Dick reported about the meeting February 4th at 12:30 p.m. Everyone had a story. Allie Austin was assigned the story about the upcoming shows that SIC was putting on. Advisor Kellye Whitler then stated that it couldn’t be done because they were not picked as of yet and also you have to go through the royalties. She then stated that she could report on Theatrefest that took place. Betsy then reported that a due date was set for March 29th. Advisor Kellye Whitler then stated that it was Good Friday and that there is no school that day. Betsy then changed the due date from March 29th to March 28th. Advisor Matt Lees then stated if Student Government could get a sneak peak of the stories. Betsy then reported that there is the candlelight vigil, the tornado, how it’s changed, speech going to nationals, the M.I.G. story, girls archery team, and women in politics. She then reported that most of the stories were happening later this year so that was why the due date is so late. She just wanted to have most of the stories done so that she could work on the Falcon Flyer with the stories that she had. Advisor Matt Lees then stated that he received an email from Alex Watson, former President of Student Government. Alex stated that the Falcon Flyer looked nice but he said that there should be a picture with every story so that the stories would be separated and that they would be easier to read.        

Moving on to faculty meeting reports, Advisor Kellye Whitler reported that the Curriculum Committee will have a meeting Thursday February 28th.  Vice President Shawna Browning then stated that she couldn’t make the meeting this Thursday because she has a doctor’s appointment. Both Shawna and Kellye stated that they would check and make sure that the dates were correct.

Campus Environment Committee, Assessment Committee, Strategic Planning Committee, and Scholarship Committee have not met yet.

Treasurer Cassie Rea reported that the Parking and Safety Committee did meet and that there were 50 citations since the last meeting. Also, there were 28 warnings given out and 6 appeals. The new parking spot winner is Shawna Browning. 

President Katie Clayton moved on to new business discussing about the Student Activity Packets. Advisor Kellye Whitler reported that it is a packet that contains all of the clubs and teams on campus. Each club writes a paragraph listing their achievements. These are due in April so each representative present needs to remind your club about the letter. She also stated that she sent a letter to each club and team. Some of the Executive Board goes to the meeting to represent the packets to the board. Pictures would also be appreciated from the clubs and teams. All the members of Student Government are invited but only two members of the Executive Board represent the packet. 

The meeting then went on to discuss the President wanting to have pizza with Student Government. At the meeting, he wanted to sit and talk with us. He also wanted three dates that we could meet with him. The first choice was April 1st, second choice was April 15th, and the third choice was March 18th.  The meeting would take place in the dining hall at 12:30 p.m. on whichever date is picked.

The meeting then went on to discuss old business. The candlelight vigil will be this Wednesday at 6 p.m. Advisor Kellye Whitler then stated that a few people need to be at the school around 5:30 to direct people where to go.  Two would be at the information desk, two in the cafeteria, and two around the gym. President Katie Clayton then reported on how the ceremony will take place.

President Katie Clayton went on to discuss about Eating Disorder Awareness Month. She then stated that a table was set up outside the cafeteria last Wednesday. It went well on such a short time frame. If people want to learn more about it, the pamphlets are on the information desk.

Advisor Matt Lees announced that only one person turned in a petition for the Student Trustee Position and that was Nicole York. She will be sworn-in sometime in March.

President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Student Trustee Courtney Bunting. The meeting was adjourned at 1:15 p.m.