February 11, 2013

Full-Senate Meeting

February 11, 2013

President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:30 p.m. In order for the meeting to continue, Phylisha Pike and Caitlin Burklow were sworn into becoming members of Student Government.

Those present were as follows: Advisor Matt Lees, Advisor Kellye Whitler, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Betsy Dick, Cassie Rea, Courtney Bunting, Salena Russell, Mirko Tadinac, Lesa Adams, Nicole York, Brittney Potter, Allie Austin (excused), Braden Hankins, Phylisha Pike, and Caitlin Burklow.

President Katie Clayton motioned for approval of the January 28th, 2013 meeting minutes. Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Treasurer Cassie Rea. In a motion to accept the January 28th meeting minutes, motion approved.

Vice President Shawna Browning reported about the Student Life meeting on the 17th of January. The committee decided that the games that they would be playing were Modern Warfare 3, and Just Dance 4 on Kinect, and also talked about having Marvel vs. Capcom or Tekken as a side game for people that are waiting. Advisor Kellye Whitler stated that she needed to check about the Modern Warfare 3 because she thought that it was restricted. However it is up to you guys but she knows that it has gotten the worse rating. Since we are having it off campus it doesn’t matter but we can’t have people under 18 at the tournament. Advisor Matt Lees stated that he talked to Jason Fitzgerald about different possibilities and one of the problems with Modern Warfare 3 is that you have to have a separate television for each view so we would have to double our televisions so that an issue. Also, we would have to double all of our game systems. The internet is also an issue so they’re actually thinking about doing Halo again. That portion of the tournament is being taken care of by Math and Science Club. The Just Dance 4 is a great idea. Vice President Shawna Browning asked if anyone had any other suggestions besides Just Dance 4. No one said anything. Shawna Browning also stated that the tournament is scheduled for March 22nd at 6pm. Kellye stated that the televisions can be delivered by three and they prefer us out by 10 and if we aren’t out of there by 10:30 we could get a charge but we are always out by then so we should be fine. Matt Lees then stated that in the past since it was off campus we would charge an amount of $5 per person. Do we want to do that again? Advisor Kellye Whitler stated that we could not charge at the door so we would have to collect the money before the tournament. It was decided that we would not charge a fee for the tournament. Shawna stated that she would bring her television, playstation, and the game to the tournament. Kellye Whitler stated that she needed to k now how many televisions to rent. Shawna Browning stated that we needed two for Halo and one for Just Dance 4.      

Student Trustee Courtney Bunting that she attended the board meeting and she needs to get a list of who is all on which committee. Student representative for scholarship committee is Salena Russell. Cassie Rea is the representative for parking and safety, and Curriculum is Shawna Browning. Advisor Kellye Whitler stated that someone needed to attend the bookstore committee meeting. Katie Clayton volunteered.

Student Treasurer Cassie Rea stated nothing new to report.

Secretary Betsy Dick reported about the Falcon Flyer. We decided that it needed to be done by the last week of April. A meeting was scheduled for February 4th at 12:30pm.   

Moving on to faculty meeting reports, Advisor Kellye Whitler reported that the Curriculum Committee will have a meeting Thursday January 31st.

Cassie Rea stated that she wanted to be the Assessment representative.

Campus Environment Committee and Scholarship Committee have not met yet.

Strategic Planning Committee is getting ready to meet.

President Katie Clayton moved on to old business and brought up the candlelight vigil. If it rains, the vigil would be on March 6th at 6pm. If weather permits then we would have it on February 27th at 6m on the patio. Advisor Kellye Whiter stated that student activities paid for the candles so student government doesn’t have to worry. We have 215 candles for the event. The candles are slow burning. Advisor Matt Lees stated that the event is required of all members, including club representatives. If you cannot attend, then find someone to take you place. Treasurer Cassie Rea stated that she cannot attend because she has a night class on Wednesday. Katie Clayton stated that the proposal was the same as last time except that she added the date and time. Also, Dr. Rice, Katie Clayton, Brandon Phelps, Gary Forby, Eric Gregg and Becky Mitchell will be speaking at the vigil. Advisors Kellye Whitler and Matt Lees approved that proposal and sent it to Chad Flannery for approval. After Chad Flannery it went to Dr. Rice. Advisor Matt Lees stated that the administration is excited about this event. Advisor Kellye Whitler then brought up the invitations and how they were going to be handled. Advisor Matt Lees stated that the President should write them and as advisors we should proof read them. Kellye also stated that Katie needed to turn in her speech early because it needed to be approved ahead of time. Also, the speeches need to be no more than 5 minutes each.

The meeting then went on to discuss the upcoming election of officers for the upcoming year. Advisor Matt Lees stated that the elected board are chosen and have to have a 3 point GPA or higher. For the Trustee position, we look for character, reliability, and someone who will represent this organization well. Trustee Courtney Bunting and Vice President Shawna Browning can tell us a lot more about the position. Also, the trustee has to attend every board meeting. Vice President Shawna Browning stated that people shouldn’t be daunted by the two hour meetings. It is a wonderful position to be in and after being the trustee, she felt like she understood the college a lot better. Advisor Matt Lees stated if you want to become the trustee that he will send out an email to everyone interested. Each person has to get twenty-five signatures as well as Kellye’s and Matt’s. If more than one person wants to become the trustee, then an election will be held. For the other executive board positions, the election will be held in April.  

President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. Motion by Vice President Shawna Browning, second by Student Trustee Courtney Bunting. The meeting was adjourned at 1:16 p.m.