August 20, 2012

  • President Katie Clayton called the meeting to order at 12:26p.m. Those present were as follows: Matt Lees, Kellye Whitler, Katie Clayton, Shawna Browning, Eric Jackson, and Cassie Rea.  The only absence was Courtney Bunting.


  • There were no previous minutes to approve.


  • There were no executive reports.


  • Faculty Meeting assignments were as follows: Katie Clayton to the Strategic Planning Committee, Shawna Browning to the Curriculum Committee,  Cassie Rea to the Parking and Safety Committee, and Eric Jackson to the Assessment Committee.


  • President Katie Clayton moved on to old business. The campus ATM project is underway and the bank is currently reviewing the project and will be coming to visit SIC soon. A student will be assigned to attend the meetings with the bank when the meeting phase of the project begins.


  • President Katie Clayton then moved on to voter registration. There is not a current date set for campus voter registration. Beth Wargel will be proving a time frame in which the Gallatin County Clerk’s office can participate in the registration. President Katie Clayton will be making calls to the county clerks of the surrounding counties to coordinate the registration event with Saline, Gallatin, and Hardin counties. Vice President Shawna Browning will be contacting Andrew Dunaway to pull the voter registration ad from the archives.


  • President Clayton continues on to the patio renovation. The patio renovation was officially approved by both the Foundation board as well as the Board of Trustees. Advisor Matt Lees reported that the work should begin in the spring and might possibly be finished by the summer semester.


  • President Katie Clayton moved on to discussing new business. The Million Reasons Why parade group will attend the DuQuoin parade. 15 volunteers will be needed for the event that the Lt. Governor Shelia Simon will be participating in. Students were encouraged to be very cautious due to the hostile atmosphere that the Quinn administration has experienced so far. Advisor Kellye Whitler reported that t-shirts will be provided for the event.


  • President Clayton moved on to her proposal of a tornado memorial. President Katie Clayton wants to create a memorial that includes a memorial stone along with some flowers to remember those who were lost in the leap day tornado in Harrisburg. The president anticipated that funds to pay for the memorial could come from a possible grant through the Southern Illinois Community Foundation valued around 4,500 dollars.  A unanimous vote was taken by the executive board to begin the project. The motion was entertained by President Clayton, moved by Vice President Shawna Browning, and seconded by Treasurer Cassie Rea. A proposal is to be written and sent to Dean Chad Flanery.


  • The meeting continued on to discussion of the upcoming Heart Walk. The executive board will put together a team for the American Heart Association's Heart Walk at John A. Logan College on September 29th. President Katie Clayton set a team goal of over 1,000 dollars to support the event. A possible fundraiser was discussed to raise money for the event but no official action was taken.


  • President Katie Clayton moved on to the Build Day at Gaskins City Playground Complex. The Gaskins City Park in Harrisburg will be receiving new playground equipment funded by a grant through the Kaboom Playground Company based out of Washington D.C. Many volunteers will be needed for the Build Day on September 22nd.


  • President Clayton continued on to the campus recycling project. Clean Earth Trash Service and Recycling gave Clayton a verbal fifteen dollar per month bid for SIC. Advisor Kellye Whitler suggested that a vote be taken by the executive board before a written quote is requested, but no vote was taken. Before a proposal is taken to Dean Flanery, the student advisors suggested having a quote faxed along with any stipulations with the service. President Katie Clayton was selected to call the company for the faxed information.


  • President Katie Clayton moved to the next item on the agenda, the windmill project. Student advisor Kellye Whitler announced that the money to pay for the initial costs of a windmill was not present and that grant money for a windmill is quickly running out. Whitler also mentioned a wind test taken at the college that showed that the wind was not consistent enough for a wind turbine.


  • President Clayton moved to the final discussion of student concerns. In the discussion the group discussed possible issue ideas for the Falcon Flyer. Student advisor Matt Lees suggested an issue that included the projects that the student government was undertaking and goals that the members had for the year.  An issue pertaining to the students running for the Student Senate was mentioned, but advisor Kellye Whitler suggested a one page handout instead of a Flyer issue. Treasurer Cassie Rea also suggested an article pertaining to college students voting.       


  • President Katie Clayton asked if it would be possible to write a column for the Falcon Flyer. The student advisors agreed but did add that any political dialogue must be addressed from both sides of the issue to keep the executive board apolitical.


  • Secretary Eric Jackson requested previous issues of the Falcon Flyer.


  • Student advisor Matt Lees encouraged recruitment of students for the Student Senate election held on September 19th. A flyer about student government was emailed to all executive board members to give to interested students.


  • President Katie Clayton entertained a motion to adjourn the meeting. The motion was moved by Vice President Shawna Browning and seconded by Treasurer Cassie Rae. The meeting was adjourned at 1:27p.m.