Men's Baseball 2014-2015 Roster

# Name Class Position B/T HT High School Hometown
1 Allen Montgomery F RHP/OF R/R 6-3 Johnston City Johnston City, IL
2 Derek Marshall S RHP R/R 5-11 Sacred Heart Yorkton, SK
3 Brennan Pritchett S INF/RHP R/R 6-0 Webster County MCU Clay, KY
4 Hunter Zeigler F LHP/OF L/L 5-11 Johnston City Marion, IL
5 Joel Quinones S INF S/R 5-9 Continental Academy Loiza, PR
6 Jared Jackson F OF R/R 6-0 Gallatin County Harrisburg, IL
7 Jeffrey Chapuran F INF R/R 6-0 Tate's Creek Lexington, KY
8 Nathaniel Jones S C/INF R/R 5-11 Clarksville Clarksville, IN
10 Nathan Koller S RHP R/R 6-3 Whitefield Academy Louisville, KY
11 Austin Ferrell S RHP L/R 6-1 Pope County MCU Herod, IL
12 Luke McCormick F INF/RHP R/R 6-3 Johnston City Johnston City, IL
13 Michael Gebauer S LHP L/L 6-1 Glenwood Chatham, IL
14 Justin Younger S OF R/R 5-11 Harrisburg Harrisburg, IL
15 Wesley McGuire F RHP R/R 6-4 Gallatin County Ridgway, IL
16 Zach McGuire F LHP R/L 6-0 Gallatin County Ridgway, IL
17 Matt Shindlebower S RHP R/R 5-11 Tate's Creek Lexington, KY
18 Abdiel Quinones S OF S/L 5-9 Continental Academy Loiza, PR
21 Jacob Vaughan S C/IF R/R 5-9 South Warren Bowling Green, KY
22 Tyler Deaton F INF R/R 5-10 Eldorado Eldorado, IL
23 Cody Powell S C/1B R/R 6-0 Bullitt Central Shepherdsville, KY
24 Boo Crabtree F RHP R/R 6-5 Fairdale Louisville, KY
26 Christian Dahncke F C/UTL R/R 5-11 Vienna Vienna, IL
28 Kevin Melton F RHP R/R 5-10 Webster County Manitou, KY
29 Trammell Grimmer S RHP R/R 6-6 Hamiliton SE Fishers, IN
30 Casey Goins S OF R/R 5-9 Bullitt Central Shepherdsville, KY
31 Josue Urbina F OF/IF R/R 5-9 Continental Academy Loiza, PR
33 CJ Lewington S RHP R/R 6-3 Composite Calgary, ALB
34 Bo Lewington S RHP R/R 6-3 Strathmore Calgary, ALB
44 Shawn Lee F 1B/OF R/R 6-0 Bill Crothers Toronto, ON