Student-Athlete Awards

In honor of president emeritus, Dr. Mary Jo Oldham, the student-athlete awards recognize excellence in the classroom on the part of athletes who represent Southeastern Illinois College.  To be eligible, the student-athlete must compete in an NJCAA sport, have completed a minimum of 3 semesters of college courses at Southeastern Illinois College, and have a minimum of a 2.00 GPA. 

Dr. Oldham began her career at Southeastern Illinois College in 1965 as an adjunct instructor in home economics.  In 1969, she was hired full-time as the home economics instructor and the Division Chair of Theoretical and Applied Sciences.  This role later expanded to teaching education classes, in addition to family and consumer science classes.  Dr. Oldham was hired as the Vice President of Instruction at Southeastern in 1995.  She served the college in this capacity until 2000, when she was promoted to President of Southeastern Illinois College.  In July 2004, Dr. Oldham retired from Southeastern Illinois College.

During her tenure at Southeastern, Dr. Oldham and her husband, Larry Morgan, were avid fans of the college's athletic teams.  They maintain their commitment to the college, the athletic teams, and the athletes.  In 2003, they traveled to Hutchinson, Kansas with the men's basketball team for the NJCAA National Basketball tournament.  In 2004, they traveled to both Hutchinson, Kansas and Salina, Kansas with the men's and women's basketball teams for both national basketball tournaments.  In 2005 (post-retirement), they again traveled to Salina, Kansas with the women's basketball team.

Dr. Oldham always put successful academic performance first and foremost.  Students were always expected to perform to the best of their abilities.  This love of academic rigor - combined with her love of sports - made for an obvious choice when naming the Student-Athlete Awards.  Her commitment to excellence in education holds firm both in the classroom and on the field of competition.  Dr. Oldham, and the coaching staff of Southeastern, believes that academic success is vital to success in athletics and success in life.

Now in retirement, Dr. Mary Jo Oldham is known as Mary Jo Oldham Morgan.  We wish her good luck and good health in her life after Southeastern.