WHIZ Kids and Lego® Robotics Camps Coming in August at SIC

June 23, 2015

Southeastern Illinois College will be hosting fun classes for children this summer. WHIZ Kids classes will be held July 13-16, and Lego® MindStorms® Robotics Camp will be held August 3-6.

SIC Community Education will present WHIZ Kids, formerly College for Kids, for students in grades 1-5. Classes will be held from 9 a.m. to noon. The cost for WHIZ Kids is $60 and registration is due by July 6. Class sizes are limited, so prompt registration is encouraged.

“This exceptional learning experience brings students from all over the college district together for a chance to enjoy unique lessons and make new friends,” said Lori Cox, Associate Dean of Workforce and Community Education.

Classes available for children in grades 1-3 include:

  •  Bugs! Bugs! Bugs! -- Presented by Amanda Stone. In this class, students will enjoy activities, books, and snacks that provide kids with information about different insects. 
  • Debate Ninjas -- Presented by Jenny Billman, SIC English Instructor. Students will learn to create powerful, effective arguments. 
  •  Art is COLORFUL! -- Presented by Nancy Drone. In this class, students will learn about mixing colors, make a color wheel and create artworks using the colors made only from the primary colors. Three separate artworks will be completed by the end of the program. On the first day, students are asked to bring a large shirt/t-shirt to cover clothing (can be left each day), and a plastic or Styrofoam egg carton if possible. 
  •  CLOUDS! - Presented by Katie Berry. Students will learn the names of clouds and what they look like by doing experiments, writing, and graphing.

Classes available for children in grades 4-5 include:

  • Collage at the College -- Presented by Natalie Jones. In this class, students will use everyday items to create their own masterpieces. 
  • Lead, Follow or Get Out of the Way! -- Presented by Kristen King and Jerry King from Cross Fit Little Egypt. Students will learn how to become strong leaders. 
  • Cookin’ with Kids -- Presented by Kristi. Students will learn to fix a simple breakfast, lunch, dessert and snack. The will also learn the basics of kitchen safety. 
  • CSI @ SIC Presented by Brent Maguire, SIC Criminal Justice Instructor Students will learn the basics of crime scene analysis and explore the various types of physical evidence that can be found at a crime scene. Students will engage in activities including a crime scene memory challenge, collecting fingerprints as evidence, and analyzing fingerprints.

August 3-6, Lego® MindStorms® Robotics Camp will be presented by the SIC Math and Science club for students in grades 2-7. There will be morning sessions from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and afternoon sessions from 1-5 p.m. The cost for the Robotics Camp is $99. Space is limited and registration is due by July 27.

“Students will receive three days of instruction on how to build and program specific robots, and on the fourth day they will be allowed to let their creativity run free and build whatever they choose, within the limits of the kits,” said Jason Fitzgerald, SIC Biology Instructor.

Participants will be introduced to the engineering process and mechanics of simple machines using gears, pulleys and levers. Students will work in small groups to build robots and get them to perform their desired actions.

For further information on WHIZ Kids and Lego® MindStorms® Robotics Camp, please contact Donna Hearn at 252-5400 ext. 3213 or Lori Cox at ext. 2210, or visit