Southeastern Illinois College Announces New Employees on Campus

August 19, 2013

Southeastern Illinois College students will see some new faces on campus this semester.  New faculty and staff hires were announced during the college’s annual August faculty and staff meeting, which kicks off the new semester.

Front Row (L-R): Angela Dunk of Shawneetown, ABE/GED Assistant to the Coordinator; Brent Maguire of Fairfield, Criminal Justice Online Program Developer; Beth Wead of Ridgway, Title III Administrative Assistant; Laura DeVous of Ridgway, Title III Online Hybrid Nursing Instructor; and Jerri Harbison of Harrisburg, Math Instructor. 

Back Row (L-R): Vicki Blackman of Harrisburg, Payroll/Accounting; Danielle Kizziar of Golconda, Admissions; Terrah Oldham of Galatia, Student Services Support Specialist; Jordan Lynch of Ridgway, ABE/GED Secretary and Data Entry Clerk; and Clifton McReynolds of Johnston City, Music Director.