April 17, 2013

Southeastern Illinois College is offering a pair of classes this summer that provide wide-ranging applications for college education majors – and many current school support staff – all in a convenient format and with a short-run schedule as well.

The two courses are EDUC 226-0 (Students With Special Needs) and EDUC 228-0 (Diversity of Schools and Society). Both courses are online, and run from May 13 to July 5.

The EDUC 226 course is required from SIC’s Early Childhood Education A.A.S. Degree, and is also required to transfer from SIC to SIU-Carbondale for early childhood and special education majors. For current early childhood teachers and administrators, this course can earn them three semester hours of credit to meet the Department of Children and Family Service (DCFS) requirement for training/professional development related to special education by taking the course. A minimum of 30 hours of observation are required. For more information about the observation requirements, students should contact Tina Kuppart, EDUC 226 instructor at or 618-252-5400 x 2242.

The EDUC 228 offering is required for several degree and transfer tracks with SIU-C, including early childhood education, elementary education, special education, and secondary education, as well as some other specialty majors. This course can serve current early childhood educators and administrators as well, by providing three semester hours of credit toward the DCFS requirement for training and professional development related to diversity.

The EDUC 228 class has no prerequisites, and in addition to continuing students, would be open to new high school graduates as well. The EDUC 226 class requires that the student have already taken EDUC 141 (Intro to Education), or PSYC 121 (Intro to Psychology) or PSYC 221 (Child Psychology), or have instructor consent.

Students interested in how these courses would apply to teacher education programs other than SIU-Carbondale’s should consult with an advisor.

“These classes have applications for those currently working in public schools that will give them knowledge and skills in their work, and they offer current students an early start to help free up their fall schedules,” said Dr. Diane King, SIC’s coordinator of education and early childhood education programs. “This can be particularly helpful for those current students with families, students who are working, or both, as well as students in athletic programs.”

For more information on these courses, contact a recruiter at 618-252-5400, ext. 2245 or King at ext. 2221 or  Registration is under way.