Jones Fashions Bow for SIC Archery Team Fundraiser

January 11, 2013

Kerry Jones of Harrisburg, master bow maker, inspects one of his longbows similar to the one he is building for Southeastern Illinois College’s archery team.  Jones, an avid outdoorsman and bow hunter, has been making longbows for 17 years and is donating the bow to the team.  Team members are selling raffle tickets for a chance to win the bow to help raise money to fund their participation in archery tournaments and to buy supplies and equipment necessary to compete at the collegiate level.  Jones’ custom-made longbow will be made from Osage orange and hickory and will measure 70” -72” in length.  Each tip will be adorned with antler ends, and the grip and rest will be made of quality leather.  Tickets, three for $10, are being sold at M&R Bowstrings south of Harrisburg on Illinois Route 45 and are available by calling SIC archery coach Archie Blair at 618-252-5400 ext. 3251.