SIC Carpentry Instructor and Foundation Go Egyptian at Bridge Medical Clinic Fund-Raiser

September 5, 2012

The Southeastern Illinois College Foundation won “Best Hole” at this summer’s Bridge Medical Clinic annual fund-raising event.

According to Tricia Johnson, the Foundation’s executive director, “It’s all because of SIC carpentry instructor, Curtis Rowlen, and his talent in designing and building the hole!”

Johnson also was quick to point out that Beth Wilson, coordinator of the Foundation Center, contributed a tremendous amount of time working with Rowlen on the hole’s concept and design. Not to be overlooked was Wilson’s daughter, Kenzie Denny, who helped her paint.

“It was absolutely amazing, and everyone was talking about our miniature golf hole and Egyptian princess at the event’s after-party hosted at Morello's,” said Johnson.  Johnson’s niece, Maddie Johnson, was dressed as Cleopatra, and greeted everyone at the door.

Egyptian history and art have long been used by the college as motifs to represent its location in “Little Egypt,” which inspired the design.

“It was a wonderful event, and we can use parts of the hole at SIC’s annual Kids Fair and other events hosted by the college.  Too, we will continue to host the hole at the Bridge Medical Clinic annual fund-raiser in future years,” Johnson stated.


Written by Archie Blair, SIC Public Information