EBL eBooks

Viewing and Downloading Instructions

EBL ebooks is a pilot project supported by the Consortium of Academic Libraries in Illinois (CARLI) and is available to SIC students at no cost.  Over 29,000 titles are available, primarily academic titles in the humanities and social sciences.

There is no limit on the number of users who may use a book Users can view titles for five minutes in a 24-hour period before a prompt appears to request a loan. Users may view content online, download it, or print it.

EBL eBooks will have a 7 day “loan” period.

E-Read Illinois

Viewing and Downloading Instructions

A collection nearly 12,000 of predominately popular books.   To check out materials a log in is required using the 14 digit barcode found on the back of your student ID.

eRead Illinois is supported by the Illinois Secretary of State through the Illinois State Library.

eRead Illinois books have a 21 day period, and a 5 book limit.