Student Worker Job Postings

The student employment program was designed to provide students with part-time employment, experience, supplemental income, and educational benefits outside the classroom. Student employment also offers opportunities for students to make contacts with role models in their respective fields and to secure employment references.


All students must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for the applicable academic year and be enrolled in at least six credit hours. To be eligible for a Federal Work Study position, the student must have an unmet need (see Financial Aid Office for eligibility).

How to Apply:

1. Review the available job posting(s). These positions are first come, first serve, and are filled very quickly. Please check frequently for openings.
2. Complete and print a job application and submit to the supervisor listed.
3. Supervisor may require interview or reference check.
4. If hired, the student will need to complete employment paperwork including verification of eligible citizenship, W-4, and other required forms.

Currently all student worker positions are taken