Southeastern's Financial Aid Office has established certain policies to provide adequate financial support, maintain compliance with the Department of Education and Illinois Student Assistance Commission, and ensure integrity and fairness by the Financial Aid Office.

Ability to Benefit Policy
Students receiving federal and state financial aid must have a high school diploma, an equivalency of a high school diploma, or meet the ability to benefit provisions.

Financial Aid Refund Policy
The Financial Aid Office sets a census date at which student enrollment hours are established for Pell grant eligibility. The Financial Aid Office, in conjunction with the Business Office, must refund students' excess federal financial aid within 14 days a credit is established on a student account.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy
Students receiving federal, state, and veterans' educational benefits are required to meet the Financial Aid Standards of Academic Progress Policy. The Financial Aid Office reviews all students' progress at the end of each term.

Terms and Conditions
Students must acknowledge the terms and conditions of their financial aid before aid is disbursed. We highly encourage students to be aware of the program requirements for each grant and how to maintain eligibility.

Withdrawal Policy
When a student withdrawals or fails to complete all their courses during a period of enrollment and receives Title IV assistance (Federal Pell Grant and Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant), the amount of assistance that the student earned up to that point is determined. Students may be required to return unearned funds.

Notice of Federal Student Financial Aid Penalties for Drug Law Violations
Students receiving Title IV Student Aid including Pell, SEOG, and FWS and are convicted of selling or possessing illegal drugs will result in loss of eligibility.