Falcon Spot Winner

Falcon Spot Winner

Falcon Spot Winner

Our Falcon Spot winner featured in October is Freshman, Lacy Jo Bradley!

Major: Early Childhood Education

Why did you choose SIC? 

I choose SIC because I received the High Achiever’s scholarship.  I also think that SIC is a good transition before going to a university.  

Are you involved in any SIC clubs or teams?

I am involved in Education Club and Early Childhood Club.

What is your favorite thing at SIC? 

My favorite thing at SIC is the new coffee shop.  I have a major weakness for Starbucks.  

Do you have any hobbies or special interests? 

I love to ride horses.  I also show cattle.  

What is your dream job? 

 My dream job would be to work with children and make 100,000 a year.  Sadly, I haven’t found that job yet.  Therefore, I plan on being a teacher. 

Congratulations to Lacy Jo! “Lacy Jo Bradley is hard-working, self-motivated, and has been doing an excellent job in the president’s office since this summer.  She always has a smile on her face and a positive attitude.  Lacy Jo is always willing to help, regardless of the task.  We are blessed to have her working in our offices." We are delighted to have students like Lacy Jo representing Southeastern Illinois College!  

The Falcon Spot award was created by the Parking and Traffic Safety Committee to show appreciation to students who have gone out of their way to make Southeastern Illinois College and the surrounding communities a better place.  Nominees must be a student of SIC and have performed a generous act, demonstrated academic success, and/or demonstrated outstanding moral character.  Winners receive a coveted “reserved” parking spot dubbed the “FALCON SPOT” for a month in the parking location of their choice, a certificate, and a gift card to the Falcon Bistro from student activities.