Employee Spotlight-Winters

Patty Winters | Assistant to the Vice President of Administration and Business Affairs
Serving SIC Since 1993

Spotlight Candidate
Patty Winters


  • Bachelor of Science, majoring in Organizational Leadership from Mid-Continent University.
  • Interest in safety, earning several certificates in safety training and currently working on a Certified School Risk Managers certificate.

Have you held other positions at SIC?
I hired in as accounts receivable clerk under President Abell, and Vice President Birge.  I moved to accounts payable clerk mostly under Brad McCormick, and then to my current position with the long title.

What does SIC means to you?
Southeastern Illinois College is such an asset to the eight counties we serve.  We have the success stories to prove it!  I don’t know why anyone, young or old, would not want to begin their educational career here.  It is such an invaluable use of resources! 

What's your favorite memory at SIC?
Long ago, I was a member of the Professional Development and Planning Committee and we went on retreat to Dr. Amour’s home on the river at Cave-In-Rock.  It was at this retreat when I became acquainted with several faculty members and was made to feel like part of the SIC family.

What do you do in your spare time?
I spend much of my spare time with my family.  My husband Bill and I have two wonderful children who have given us three amazing grandchildren between them.  I like to garden and dabble outside when the weather is nice.  I also really enjoy reading, often finding myself obsessed with my current book.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?
Ask anyone close to me and they will tell you, “Myrtle Beach, SC.”  The ocean is so awesome.  It really drives home the idea that we are so insignificant in the scheme of life.

In the movie based on your life, who plays you?
Why, Tina Fey, of course!

What is your dream?
My dream is, in my next life, to come back as a singer/vocalist because I cannot carry a tune in a bucket in this one!

What's the best piece of advice you've ever heard, or the best piece you can give to others?
Life is too short to carry a grudge.