Employee Spotlight - Trosper

Jack Trosper | Head Women’s Basketball Coach | Serving SIC since 2012

Employee Spotlight

Jack Trosper


Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi

What other positions have you held at SIC?

Fitness Center Coordinator and Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach

What other positions have you held prior to SIC?

Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach at Eastern New Mexico University
Varsity Assistant Boys’ Basketball Coach at Madisonville High School in Texas

What does SIC mean to you?

SIC has such a warm and welcoming community aspect to it with the way faculty, administration and the students all blend well together. It truly has a family feel with everyone working in harmony for each other to help our students succeed.

What is your favorite memory at SIC?

My favorite memories have been seeing our student athletes in the Women’s program succeed in the classroom here and have the opportunity to further their education at the 4 year level. It is a testament to their hard work that they are able to continue their education and pursue those bachelor’s and master’s degrees.

What do you do in your spare time?

I really like to travel, when I can, to new places around the country. I am still active so I try to play a little basketball when I have time. I am also a big movie fanatic and try to see all the new movies from many different genres.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

Las Vegas, Nevada

How would you spend $1 million?

I would use that money to travel worldwide! I would love to travel to new countries and experience the cultures that they have to offer.

What is your dream?

My ultimate dream is to be the Head Women’s Basketball Coach at the University of Florida, as it is the school that I grew up loving. You could say I’m kind of a fanatic.