Employee Spotlight-Holland

Dr. Richard Holland | Physics Instructor | 7 Years at SIC

Spotlight Candidate

 Education:  B. S. Physics, B. S. Zoology, M. S. Physics, Ph.D. Physics

What positions have you held prior to SIC? 

I have worked as a physics lecturer at SIU in Carbondale since 1998. During this time I have taught nearly every undergraduate and every graduate course in physics that is offered at SIU.

What is your most memorable teaching moment?

My most memorable teaching moment occurred when a physics student answered the following extra credit question thusly: “Who wrote The Ride of the Valkyries?” The student’s response was Paul Revere.

What do you do in your spare time?

My wife and I have an organic farm where we raise organic corn, food grade soybeans, wheat, forages, and other small grains. Additionally, we raise organic grass-fed beef, goats, poultry and eggs. Currently I am working on a project for Pearson Higher Education Publishing. Therefore, if one considers my 100 mile commute each way; the answer to what I do on my spare time is, sleep.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

My favorite vacation spot is Britain, although Scandinavia is quite nice also.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard….Or the best piece you can give to others?

Question everything. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. In science there are no sacred truths. All assumptions must be critically examined; arguments from authority are worthless.

What is your favorite quote?

Judge not the man by the wear of his wears; but by the where and how he wears it.