Employee Spotlight-Hering

Bruce Hering
Game Preserve/Shooting Complex Management
Instructor and Program Coordinator
Serving SIC Since 1981

Bruce Hering




Position at SIC:
Game Preserve/Shooting Complex Management Instructor and Program Coordinator.  Varsity Shotgun Team Coach.

What other positions have you held prior to SIC?
Worked retail sporting goods and, with my wife, operated our own business related to shooting sports.

What SIC means to you:
SIC has been home for me.  I have watched it grow, have a few pains along the way but continue to succeed and to serve its district.  It's what a school should be like.  Top 10% nationwide-that's saying something.  We are, for the most part, a productive family.     

Favorite memory at SIC:

The day I presented my program concept to Dr. Abell and he said, "Let's do it."
What do you do in your spare time?
What spare time? (LOL)  I still run my bird dogs and hunt.  Marilyn and I try to get over to Missouri to do some fly fishing, and I am involved in several youth shooting programs.         

Where is your favorite vacation spot?
Oh that's easy.  It would  Well, I guess wherever I decide to go.  Likely some shooting or fishing would be involved.    

In the movie based on your life, who plays you?
Jay North (old "Dennis the Menace" TV show)for my childhood, Ron Howard as a teenager for that period, and as an adult, I have absolutely no idea.

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be?
Had lunch one time with Robert Stack (Elliot Ness/"Untouchables" TV series years ago) that was neat.  Got to talk with him about his shooting experiences.  Mr. Stack was a gracious gentleman.  He was a National Skeet champion back in the day.  As a youngster I got to meet Eleanor Roosevelt at my Godparent's house.  

So who would I like to have dinner with?  Man, that's tough!  Over my life to date I have been fortunate to share a table with some very well-known and interesting folks.  I think I would have liked to have had a meal with Ronald Regan, and Henry Kissinger from the political side.  Perhaps Emmylou Harris and Pavarotti from the music industry just to ask how they "hear" things.  From the industrial side, John M. Olin to really get a feel for how this person viewed the shooting sports industry.  From the biological side, Aldo Leopold and Herbert Stoddard.  Leopold wrote the first book on wildlife management in the US while Stoddard organized and conducted what was truly the first major species investigation in the US.  It was based on Bobwhite Quail.  There is one more.  I would like to have one more Thanksgiving dinner with all those in my family who are no longer at the table.     

What is the best piece of advice you've ever heard or can give to others?
I guess I have a few:   

"Regardless of how far you go, never lose sight of where you came from."  
"When you think you have a project all tied up and nice, take a quick look behind you."

To my students entering the world of work:
"You have the tools to do what it is you were trained to do.  Keep them clean and orderly in your tool box that way you will always know where to look for them."
"You are leaving here with the knowledge and operational skills other people will pay for.  Seek that payment wisely."