College Catalog and Talon

Each student should acquire a current copy of the official College Catalog, which outlines all College policies, procedures and degree requirements. It is each student’s responsibility to know policies and requirements. Catalogs are available in the Enrollment Services, the Library, and A/B and B/C lobbies. The most recent version of the college catalog, Talon Student Handbook, and Class Schedule is available below.

Catalog Cover Talon cover Class Schedule

College Catalog

Digital Catalog

PDF Version
 9M File

Student Handbook

8M File

Summer and Fall 2022
Class Schedule

1M File

Previous Catalogs:

2019-2021 College
Catalog - PDF

    15M File

2017-2019 College
Catalog - PDF

    15M File

2016-2017 College
Catalog - PDF

    15M File

  SIC Viewbook

2020 Viewbook
8M File