Promotions and Discounts

Many promotions and discounts are available to SIC employees.Discount Graphic

Microsoft Office Professional

Employees can purchase Microsoft Office Professional (PC and Mac) for home use at a deeply discounted rate. You will have the option of purchasing a backup DVD copy (recommended). You will need to use your SIC email address for the purchase to verify that you are an employee of Southeastern. Carefully choose the computer to use this license. Each employee may only purchase ONE license under this agreement. To obtain the instructions and program code you will need for the purchase, follow this link on IntrinSIC (from off-campus you will need login): Purchase Microsoft Office

Holiday World

Holiday World offers a discount exclusive to SIC.  View the 2018 discount information.  


Ponderosa, in Harrisburg, offers a 10% discount to SIC employees and students that provide an SIC ID.

Wireless Service

The offers presented are informational in nature. SIC is not endorsing any particular vendor or solution. Promotions, discounts, and offers were valid at the time of publication. However, SIC is not responsible for any change in offers by third parties.