The committee is working on a number of Wellness Initiatives. Check them out!

Fall 2013

  • Main initiative: get everyone moving! So we are starting a contest: who can log the most time in the fitness center?? (You must be exercising, not just hanging out.) Entry is FREE (just register for the PE 169 course) and there will be a prize for whoever can log the most exercise time during the fall semester! This initiative will begin upon completion of the gym floor renovation and reopening of the fitness center. Take before and after photos of yourself for some perspective! Get more info here
  • An indoor walking path has been measured! Starting at one end of the main building (ABC), walk the length both upstairs and downstairs, including the perimeter of the gym, and you will have walked a quarter of a mile! Do that 4 times each work day (it should take about 20 minutes total), and you could lose over 5 pounds in a year (for women) and almost 7 pounds in a year (for men)!

Indoor walking path


Summer 2013

  • An outdoor walking path has been measured and mapped out! See it here!
  • Another initiative is having healthier food available in the cafeteria, with the addition of Wellness Wednesdays. Baked potato bars, baked chicken, and vegetable-centered stir-fry meals are some of the options that are being suggested.
  • In conjunction with the Harrisburg Park District, classes have been offered at a discount to SIC employees such as healthy cooking and yoga. These are expected to continue in the future.
  • Also through the Park District, SIC will be the official starting and finishing line of the Shawnee Marathon Half and Full Distances! See the website for detailed information.