Student Worker Account Setup

Account Activation
Student workers should follow these steps to setup their accounts:
Preparation Steps (ideally steps 1 - 3 occur prior to your start date):
1. Complete your paperwork with Financial Aid.
2. Financial Aid will submit an account request on your behalf to IT.
3. IT will email your supervisor network account information.
4. Obtain your network account information from your supervisor.
Request your Jenzabar EX Account (if applicable):
1. Have your supervisor submit a support request describing your access needs, start date, and schedule a time with IT to have your EX password setup.
Activate your login:
1. Login into the campus computer you will be using with the network account information provided by your supervisor and reset your password (must be 15+ characters).
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+Delete like normal to login.
3. Type in old/default password and press Enter. You will receive a message that you must change your password. Click OK.
4. Enter a new 15 character or longer pass phrase on the next two lines. Press Enter.
5. If successful, you will see a message saying your password has been changed.
6. If you have EX access, schedule a time to come to IT Office located in Building C Room 204 to set your 15+character EX password (recommend to be the same as network password).
 Print Services
1. Obtain copier code from your supervisor.
2. Submit a support request to setup a time with IT support staff to configure your network printers.
3. IT will meet with you to set up printers (you must be present).