Employee Name Changes

Complete the following steps in order to process a name change for your employee login accounts:

  1. Contact the Human Resources Office and complete any necessary paperwork.
  2. Human Resources will submit an email account name change request on your behalf to IT. Be sure to convey to HR exactly how you would like your account name to appear. 
  3. IT will leave a voice mail on your phone that we have processed your request. Note: Once name change is processed, you will no longer be able to access your accounts under your previous name.
  4. You are now ready to use your new login information for your changed first.last name. Your previous password is transferred to your new account.
  5. All of your previous email and calendar information is retained for your new account. All of your login accounts are now under your new account name except txtSIC which you created.
  6. An email forward from your old account to your new account will be automatically setup for you. Submit a Support Request if you ever would like forward to be stopped.  
  7. If you had email on your phone and need assistance switching things over, please submit a separate Support Request to schedule an appointment for this service once you have been notified account name change has been processed.  
  8. Submit a Support Request should you require any further assistance.