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Grey Arrow Technical Support

Description of Services:

Account Setup - view detailed account setup instructions

Web Mail - access your SIC employee email using your web browser. See the Help link for more information.

MySIC is a web services portal where faculty and staff can access their online classes,  print class lists, enter grades, view pay stubs, vacation and sick time, access budget information and more.

Starfish is our retention solutions system.  Instructors use this communication tool to raise flags/concerns on students, and to also submit WA drops. 

IntrinSIC provides SIC faculty and staff with access to internal documents and resources. Recommend using Edge/Internet Explorer browser when accessing IntrinSIC. If you have trouble logging in, try adding ntfalcon\ in the first part of your user name, i.e. ntfalcon\john.smith.

Falcon Hub is a web portal for employees.

Izenda is a web based reporting tool for employees.

txtSIC is an opt-in text notification service to receive class cancellations, campus closures, and other emergencies.

Website CMS (Content Management System) provides faculty and staff access to maintain your web pages in an easy user friendly manner.

Facility Work Order system is used by Faculty and Staff to submit work requests to Environmental Services.

Use of the online Support Request form is the quickest and simplest way to receive technical support. See the Help Center for more information and other methods of support, and the online class technical support page.