Electronics Purchases

Contact IT staff to assist you with purchasing any electronic equipment and peripherals. Knowledgeable staff are available to help you find the best education pricing on toner, printers, etc.

Employees should follow the procedures below for computer, notebook, and tablet purchases.

Computer/Notebook/Tablet Purchasing Procedures 

1. Work with your supervisor to budget for a new computer. While prices can vary depending on actual options, budget $1,000 for an average desktop and $1,500 for an average notebook. Contact IT for more information.

2. Once funding source is known, submit an electronic support request to IT to prepare a quote/purchase requisition for the purchase. Please provide us with the funding source, i.e. college budget, grant, etc.

3. IT will send supervisor a copy of the purchase requisition to have account number added and begin the approval process. It is important for IT to be listed as the first requester listed on the requisition.

4. Once requisition is approved, purchase order (blue copy receiving document) will be sent from the Business Office to IT. This authorizes IT to make the purchase.

5. IT will sign off on blue copy receiving document once order has been received satisfactorily.

6. IT will setup a time with the user to switch out the system.

IT has a limited number of computers available for reuse. If budget is an issue and you would like to see if we have something in inventory that would be beneficial to you, please submit a support request.