Firearms and Weapons

All applicable Federal, State and local laws and ordinances pertaining to the possession, use and transportation of firearms will be observed on all property of the college. No permission granted by this policy will interfere with any and all such laws and ordinances. The possession, use and transportation of firearms is strictly prohibited on all college property with the exception of shotguns (herein after exclusively referred to as “Firearms”) used as part of college authorized activities for the Game Preserve Management Programs, Shooting Complex Management Programs, Competitive Shooting Teams and special events that may be specifically authorized by the Board of Trustees. Such use will be restricted to that part of campus designated specifically for the program or authorized event. Only students currently enrolled in an authorized program or officially recorded as active members of the college’s competitive shooting team and the respective instructors and coaches responsible for such programs or teams  will be allowed to possess, use and transport firearms on college property for program or team activities. Such use will be strictly limited to activities to satisfy specific program requirements or to participate in competitive shooting. If a special event is approved by the Board of Trustees which allows others to possess, use and transport firearms exclusively for the event, the college’s instructions for the possession, usage and transportation of such firearms will be made known in writing to all participants prior to entering the college’s property.   Firearms transported by these students, instructors, coaches and authorized event participants will be unloaded and cased at all times until arrival at the designated parking area for the program or event.   A firearm may be used at a designated program or active event area only in strict adherence to the rules, regulations and instructions for said program or active event including but not limited to gun safety requirements.   Only individuals authorized to possess, use and transport firearms under the conditions set forth in this policy will be allowed to transport a firearm by vehicle on college property. The transportation will be allowed only to the designated parking area for the program activity or approved event. Such vehicular transportation must be done in accordance with all applicable Federal, State and local ordinances/laws.  This policy is enforceable by instructors, coaches, administrators and the security department of the college.

Amended by the Board of Trustees, January 2012