Pass Fail-Short Term Certificates

Effective with the Fall 2012 semester, the following has been added as point #10 to the current Pass/Fail information in the2012-2014 College Catalog (page 26):

10.  A pass/fail (P or E) grading system is also available to students who are pursuing certain short-term specialized certificates.  This option would be available to students who already have a proven record of upper level academic/professional success as demonstrated by academic credentials such as bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate degrees.  Other credentials may be submitted for consideration to the appropriate dean, with a recommendation being made to the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs for final approval.  Upon approval by the dean and vice president, such students may take some or all courses on a pass/fail basis and earn a certificate from SIC.  This request should be submitted to the appropriate dean as early as possible in the student’s certificate program, but must be submitted prior to applying for graduation with the certificate.

Additionally, a modification of one sentence in the “Graduation Requirements” information on page 61 in the2012-2014 College  Catalog has been made as follows:

“Certificate programs vary in the number of hours required but have the same grade point average requirements for graduation, unless falling under number ten of the pass/fail grading policy.”