Eubanks & Daugherty, LLC

Eubanks and Daugherty has been in business since 1981 serving the area community with eye care services. They currently employ 14 people. In 2009, they became Eubanks and Daugherty, LLC. With state and federal regulations continuously changing, Katina Eubanks contacted the Workforce and Illinois Small Business Development Center (WISBDC) regarding questions about HIPAA requirements. According to Katina, she made a phone call to the WISBDC and immediately received the information that she was looking for. While speaking to a counselor, she was told about the other services that the WISBDC provides. Katina was very interested in social media, specifically Facebook, and how it would help communicate with patients and keep the community informed about their services. She made a phone call and requested the help of one of our counselors. The next day a counselor visited their facility and met with Katina. Katina stated, “The Workforce and Illinois Small Business Development Center was a hidden gem to me. I knew it was there, but really did not know all the wonderful services and resources that it offered. Since joining Facebook, our office has had a lot of fun with it and received many positive responses from it. One phone call provided us with very prompt and professional service and it was all FREE! Thanks to the WISBDC for helping our business grow, keeping us on the right wave for the future, and providing answers to our questions and concerns.” The Workforce & Illinois Small Business Development Center is designed to assist owners and managers of small businesses or anyone wanting to start a business. Many of the services of the Center are available at no charge. Call (618) 252-5001 to learn about upcoming events and training opportunities.