SIC Foundation

The Southeastern Illinois College Foundation was formed by the College's Board of Trustees in November 1983 to provide a means of raising and administering private funds to support activities and programs at the College which are not adequately funded by local, state, and federal tax resources and student tuition.

Endowment Fund

The purpose of the Endowment Fund is to establish a guaranteed financial base from which interest income can be drawn annually to help meet the ever-growing educational needs of students, needs that cannot be met with the traditional and limited financial resources available to community colleges. By placing unrestricted funds in high interest yielding investment accounts and allowing a portion of the earned income to be added to the principal, the Foundation can begin to achieve the long-term goal of helping the College realize a secure financial future. As it continues to grow, the Foundation relies heavily on major unrestricted gifts generated through its Deferred Giving and Estate Planning Program to build the Endowment and to provide much needed annual income for academic enhancements and student success.
SIC Foundation News